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Our hunters have had great success on this hunt.

Alberta mule deer hunting has quietly become one of the premiere destinations in North America. If you leave this Canadian province out of your list when you’re talking big buck areas, you need to do some more research. Alberta mule deer hunts deserve a place next to the greats like the Paunsaugunt and Henry Mountains in Utah, the Kaibab Plateau in Arizona, the east slopes of Colorado and New Mexico.

Our outfitters hold a large number of tags across the province, so if we start planning early, we can usually find you a hunt. Many of our hunts in Alberta even offer the opportunity to double up with a trophy whitetail and a mule deer.

Every single year, a few giant bucks over 200 inches are taken.

  • No draw required in Alberta. We have guaranteed tags available in trophy mule deer zones.
  • In Alberta there is a high probability of taking a heavy 160 to 180 inch buck.
  • A real possibility for a huge 180, even up to, or over 200 inch mule deer!
  • These are low elevation farm hunts that don’t require extreme physical fitness to be successful.

Book quickly if you’re interested in hunting in Alberta, as tags are limited.

Due to the amazing trophy quality, these hunts are in extremely high demand and usually booked years in advance. If you want to go on one of our Alberta mule deer hunts you need to contact us soon. Be sure to let us know exactly what you have in mind, and we’ll do our best to help you find the perfect outfitter and get it booked.

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