Alberta Whitetail Hunting

  • Bucks average 160-165 inches, with a few over 170 inches every year.
  • You’ll be hunting from tripod stands, tree stands, and sometimes heated blinds.
  • It’s possible to combine your hunt with a mule deer in this area.
  • Archery deer season in Alberta runs through September and October.
  • Rifle season starts in mid-September and through the end of November.
  • A few prime-time, rifle rut hunts are available each year.
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This traditional Alberta whitetail hunting trip is comfortable, yet remote, with the opportunity for a trophy buck. The region where this hunt takes place has some of Alberta’s best buck-to-doe ratios. On top of that, there is very little local hunting pressure.

The outfitter has been offering whitetail hunts in this area for only a handful of years, and only books a few hunters each season. There are only a handful of prime-time spots available each fall. He does this to maintain trophy quality, and it’s been working!

Contact us if you’re interested in tying up a spot.

Central Alberta Foothills scenery

Central Alberta Foothills

This Alberta whitetail hunting camp is located in the foothills, right at the edge of the farmland where the forests extend into the Rocky Mountains. Because of this, you can hunt farmland trophy bucks and/or bush bucks which develop heavier mass and tend to be older age-class. The Central Alberta Foothills are known for producing World-Class trophy whitetail deer.

Early Archery Deer Season

You’ll be hunting patterned bucks from fresh tree stands that have been hung before your arrival. No other hunters will have used your stand before you. That’s one great thing about this Alberta whitetail hunting outfitter. He takes the time to place six to eight fresh stands per hunter! They’re set to accommodate different scenarios including: morning hunts; evening hunts; wind direction; and access by foot, truck or quad. Early in September, there’s a good chance at a velvet buck.

Trophy Rifle Alberta Whitetail Hunting Season

Everybody wants to hunt the rut, and for good reason! the only downfall is it can get cold. The weather conditions in November can be very harsh. But if you’re there for a chance at a big buck,. just keep this in mind: “The harsher the conditions the bigger the trophy”.

During the rut, your chances of harvesting a mature buck are best if you patiently sit an area with hot does. Eventually a buck will cross your line of sight. Hopefully it’s a big one. You will be expected to stay on your stand all day long unless the weather conditions do not allow it. While you’re hunting, your guide will be scouting for deer activity and looking for hot does. What you see and what your guide finds will determine the best course of action for the next day.

 Affordable Alberta Whitetail Hunting

This is an affordable 2×1 hunt. Your guide will drop you off at your stand and leave you alone to hunt to minimize impact to the hunting area. This means you’ll have to do your own field judging. Most of the time, there will be trail cam pictures in camp of the bucks in the area. You and your guide will study them together to give you an idea of what to expect.

Remote Cabin Lodging

You’ll stay in comfortable, well insulated cabins that are heated with a wood stove and gas heaters. The cabins are equipped with everything you need, including wi-fi and a hot tub.

Interested in Booking a Hunt?

This fully guided Alberta whitetail deer hunting trip is both affordable and unique.

To book, or learn more about this hunt, or any of our hunts for that matter, contact us and let us know what you’re looking for.

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