Alberta Whitetail Hunting Outfitters

Alberta has been known as a whitetail hunting mecca for a years. Did you know that among the top 10 typical and non-typical white-tailed deer ever harvested in North America, 3 were taken in Alberta? Your chance for a Boone and Crockett buck is as good, or better than almost anywhere on the planet. These Alberta whitetail hunts are in a high demand and usually booked years in advance. When you’re hunting in Alberta, there is a very real chance of taking a 170+ class buck with our outfitter. Bigger deer than that taken every year….even a few monster bucks over 200 inches!

Our Alberta whitetail hunting outfitters offer some of the best deer hunts in North America.

  • With about 25,000 harvested whitetail bucks each year, Alberta is a prime destination in terms of success rate, class record trophies and genetics.
  • Alberta provides authentic free-range hunts where baiting deer is not allowed.
  • In some areas of Alberta, deer hunting an be fairly easy when compared to other areas.
  • Most Alberta whitetail hunting is in the early fall and throughout the month of November to capitalize on the various phases of the rut.
  • Rifle season is early Fall through November.
  • Archery season is August through early September.
  • Most hunting in Alberta is on private ground.
  • Many of our hunters combo their Alberta whitetail hunts with mule deer or moose.

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Our hunters have great success with our Alberta whitetail hunting outfitters every year.

Outdoors International clients that hunt with these Alberta whitetail hunting outfitters get access to prime deer hunting habitat – a mix of prime farmland, fringe and heavily wooded areas…and because of that, our outfitters consistently take B&C bucks.

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