These Alberta whitetail hunts in the Peace River area are in a high demand and usually booked years in advance. There is a very real chance of taking a 170+ class buck with our outfitter, with bigger deer than that taken every year….even a few monster bucks over 200 inches!

  • Most hunting is in the early fall and throughout the month of November to capitalize on the various phases of the rut.
  • Rifle season is early Fall through November.
  • Archery season is August through early September.
  • This is a fairly easy hunt for trophy whitetail, and you’ll be hunting from enclosed field towers, ground blinds, tree stands, and sometimes even spot-and-stalk.
  • Excellent trophy quality with many bucks being harvested in the 170″+ B&C.
  • Combo with archery moose.
  • Expect to see a lot of deer as well as other game. This area also has some awesome mule deer hunting.
Alberta Whitetail Hunts
Alberta Whitetail Hunts in the Peace River Area