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Peace River Alberta Mule Deer Hunting

  • This is an “easy” hunt in the Canola and oat fields of the Peace River Region.
  • Success rates are extremely high, with opportunity being virtually 100%.
  • Spot and stalk on bedded bucks in the fields.
  • Season is mid September.
  • Guiding is all done 1×1.
  • One special option with this hunt is the option to combo with elk. If you don’t harvest both your elk and deer, then you have the ability to come back in November to harvest your other animal at no cost to you other than the travel costs!
  • We also have a VERY LIMITED number of early archery mule deer, moose combos available in the Peace River Zone.
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Peace River Alberta mule deer hunting is legendary for giant mule deer. Ever since Alberta implemented a resident draw system, the trophy quality in the Peace River region has increased by leaps and bounds. This has helped the size of bucks to mature, which combined with great genetics and nutrition, increases trophy potential. You can expect 170″ caliber bucks, and several over 200″ have been taken on this hunt.

Archery hunting can be spectacular.

If you hunt early in the season, expect to see as many as 15 bucks at a time in bachelor groups feeding in canola fields or oats. These bucks bed in the fields in midday, giving the hunter an excellent spot and stalk opportunity or to position a climber stand for a push. On Alberta archery mule deer hunts, you should be able to do a couple of stalks a day, and sit in the evenings for at least a 170-class mule deer.

For pricing or more information about Peace River Alberta mule deer hunting, contact us.

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1 review for Peace River Alberta Mule Deer Hunting

  1. John Neilson

    Great mule deer hunt! This is the second hunt I have done with you guys and won’t be the last. We spotted this heavy buck second day and made a move.

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