Utah Moose Hunting

  • This is a draw hunt, but we do have a few guaranteed tags through landowners or conservation permit.
  • This is one of our best outfitters and his moose hunts are amazing.
  • One hunter per two guides!
  • If you’re an archery hunter there is a good chance of getting a P&Y Shiras moose.
  • Hunting season is mid-September or October for any legal weapon depending on the tag you draw.
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Utah moose hunting is usually best during the rut which is the last week of September and the first week of October when bulls are moving around looking for cows. Depending on what weapon and time of the season that you choose to hunt, methods may include glassing, spot-and-stalk, calling, or sitting watching water holes.

We have a few Landowner Tags for Utah Shiras moose every year.

The best Utah moose hunting units are on a draw and difficult to get. We can also arrange to purchase landowner tags and conservation tags on these better units. The more notice we have on the tags the better. Most mature bull moose taken in Utah have antlers from 38” to 51” wide. If you’re an archery hunter there is a good chance of getting a Pope & Young Shiras moose when bow hunting.  This outfitter has access to huge tracts of private ground and scouts everywhere.  This can be a very physical hunt so make sure you are ready.

Utah Conservation Tag Program

Utah recently started a conservation tag program. Conservation tags are 100% tax deductible for the buyer. This conservation money is used on wildlife projects here in Utah. It’s money well spent for wildlife and habitat. These tags allow us to hunt the premium areas without waiting to draw a tag. We can assist you in purchasing these tags and help you apply for the big game drawings.






Archery, Muzzleloader, Rifle


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