Cory Glauner on Mule Deer Hunting in Old Mexico

Mexico mule deer

Outdoors International Founder, Cory Glauner with an awesome 30-inch three point…on the beach in Mexico. How cool is that?! It’s not the monster 200-incher that you think about when dreaming about mule deer hunting in Old Mexico, but he’ll be back.

HUNTER: Cory Glauner
HUNT: Mule Deer Hunting in Old Mexico

Hunting mule deer in Sonora, Mexico is just what I thought it would be…Badass! Over 250,000 acres of desert mule deer heaven right on the Sea of Cortez was all ours. I don’t pick up a a rifle very often, and I’ve never done the high-rack thing, but when in Rome…. plus it was super fun.

Mule deer hunting in Old Mexico is different from hunting muleys pretty much anywhere else. It is flat and thick down here and you have seconds to make a decision. You might only get a half dozen opportunities on shooters because there is a fair amount of luck involved with coming across one. The smoker 30 inch three point I took is pretty sweet and I’m a happy camper! My only regret is that I didn’t’ get to hunt Coues deer. I saw some stompers!

Be sure to listen to the podcast about mule deer hunting in Old Mexico.

We’re currently taking orders for Mule deer, Coues deer, Gould’s turkey and Desert sheep for next year. Who’s in?

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