Mexico Mule Deer Hunts

Our Mexico mule deer hunts are some of the best in the world.

The muley’s of Sonora are the most sought after mule deer species, attracting hunters from around the globe, and our goal is to offer truly exceptional experiences. Because of this, we only book a very limited amount of clients on our Mexico mule deer hunts. This gives our hunters a solid chance at harvesting a superb trophy.

Choosing the right outfitter for your Mexico mule deer hunts is imperative!

We have spent a lot of time, money and effort vetting outfitters year after year to keep up with what is going on South of the border. Mexico can be politically volatile and things change from year to year, but good outfitters are nimble. Bad outfitters come and go.

The Mexico hunts we offer are through outfitters who have continued to stayed consistent, providing our hunters with excellent hunts. Please DO NOT book with an outfitter without consulting us first. Hunting in Mexico can be a disaster or it can be the best hunt of your life. Let us help you book with a proven outfitter who will deliver.

Why you should consider our Mexico mule deer hunts:

  • Demand definitely exceeds supply. These hunts aren’t going to get any more affordable.
  • In terms of trophy quality, there are only a few extremely limited units such as the Arizona Strip that rival Mexico. As far as over-the-counter hunts, Alberta mule deer hunts are the only ones that consistently contend… Sometimes.
  • Many bucks score over 170-180 inches, and approach that magical thirty inch mark. Our hunters average 190 inches, but a few 200 inch bucks are taken on a normal year.
  • It is not uncommon to see many bucks a day on some of these ranches.
  • We think you should seriously consider combining Mexico mule deer hunts with a trophy coues deer.
  • Our outfitters are almost all Americans, in fact one of them has dual citizenship.
  • Your guides will be experienced mule deer hunters, and in most cases, also be American. At the very minimum, you will have someone who speaks good English with you at all times.
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The ranches where Mexico mule deer hunts take place are extremely well managed.

The outfitter must submit a biological survey to game and fish officials every season as part of the process. Mexican officials then issue tags based on the results. The best ranches often produce bucks that will exceed 30 inches and score over the 190 inch class.

Over the course of a normal hunt our Mexican ranches, hunters can expect to see a few bucks scoring over 180 inches. Sometimes you’ll see many per day, but remember, deer densities are low in this desert country.

Those who choose to hunt mule deer in Mexico with one of our outfitters, be prepared to have the hunt of a lifetime!

Sonora Mexico Mule Deer Hunts

Do our hunters ever kill 200 inch mule deer in Mexico?

Well, the answer is “yes, but rarely.” Muley bucks of that caliber are difficult to find anywhere in the world. The All-Time B&C Minimum for mule deer is 190 inches for a reason.

Don’t expect a 30-inch mule deer buck behind each saguaro. You should expect a shot opportunity at a mature mule deer around 170+ inches or so. Bucks bigger than that are out there, and it could happen for you. You just never know what you’re going to see in Sonora, it is truly the land of the unexpected.

Mexico mule deer hunts are often done from a high rack.

What is it like to hunt mule deer in Mexico?

Mexico mule deer hunts are different than pretty much everywhere else, and there are several methods.

  • Tracking has been one of the most widely used and one of the most effective. Mexican guides are well known for their tracking abilities and can stay on a buck track for hours through unreadable terrain.
  • Have you ever heard of high-racking? Many outfitters use tower-equipped vehicles, just like whitetail hunters do in Texas, in order to see above the thick cover. This can be effective during the rut, as bucks tend to be more active.
  • The terrain on some ranches offers the hunter the opportunity to see several hundred yards ideal for glassing. A great method that we’ve found to be effective is to let the guide do his tracking as you glass from a high spot nearby.
One of our clients with a giant Coues deer he took in Mexico.

You should consider adding a Coues deer to your Mexico mule deer hunts.

In our opinion, Coues deer are the hidden gem of hunting in Mexico. Very light hunting pressure throughout many areas has allowed many older class bucks to thrive.

As a general rule, Coues deer live in the more mountainous areas, while mule deer prefer the desert flats. If the ranch you’re hunting has both species, you should seriously consider Coues deer hunting after you’ve taken your Sonora muley.

Is it safe to hunt in Sonora Mexico?

We understand many have reservations about hunting in Mexico.  Rest assured your peace of mind and comfort is a top priority. The fact is you are most likely safer with us in Sonora than in many large cities around the USA.

We have been hunting in Mexico for a long time, and almost all of our Mexico hunters return again and again just because of the exceptional experience and quality hunting we offer. The Mexican people are very friendly and hospitable.

Thousands of Americans travel to Mexico hunting each year and millions more on vacations. Your safety is our top priority and we will take every step necessary to make sure your Sonora experience is both safe and successful.

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