Episode #28 – The Pope and Young World Record Mountain Goat

The Pope and Young World Record Mountain Goat
“This story is a fun one, Shad Wheeler tells us the story behind his P&Y World Record mountain goat, as he gets into range of the monster billy, he realizes that the sights on his bow are bent, and his guide is…. get this…afraid of heights!”

Pope and Young World Record Mountain Goat

On April 28 in Lancaster, Pa., the Pope and Young Club officially listed the new world-record mountain goat.

The giant mountain goat was taken by Shad Wheeler, 32, during a February 2006 goat hunt with one of our outfitters near Terrace, British Columbia, Canada. The certified score is 53 0/8, surpassing the official record of 52 4/8 taken in 1988.

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