Meet Kyle Hanson

Born and raised Iowa City, Iowa I have spent most of my young life passionate about the outdoors and hunting. I grew up humble, always dreaming of traveling to and experiencing some of the most remote adventurous destinations our world has to offer.

I was fortunate to join the military in my early 20’s and serve honorably for eight years as a Combat Medic. A wonderful life experience with an incredible amount of knowledge gained, I was ready for a new mission in life. In search of a new venture and targeting the Outdoors Industry I was fortunate to be recruited by my dear friend and Hunting Consultant, Russ Meyer.

March of 2019, I took a leap of faith in joining Outdoors International.

Previously I had worked with Outdoors International in planning my hunting adventures. Now after having been a part of this amazing company for over two years, I have experienced both sides as a Client & Consultant! I could not be happier in life working with some of the most amazing like-minded human beings, both my partners and Clients assisting with planning their adventures!

My passion for the outdoors and hunting has always been pursuing Big Game in the most Remote Adventurous of Destinations. To include areas like AlaskaCanada, and the Western United States. I have been fortunate to turn my passion for pursuing such spectacular game into my career.

Planning, preparation, and the execution of these adventures is what drives me every single day to be a better hunter and human being.

When not hunting or traveling, I am always thinking about it and preparing for the next one! Some may call me a fanatic and I may agree, I just love experiencing adventures and the full circle of activities involved… Hunting, shooting, tinkering with gear, logistics, fitness… It’s all incredible!

My commitment to my clients from the beginning as a Hunting Consultant with Outdoors International has been and still is to this day to put people first.

I will always strive to provide my past, current, and future clients with exceptional customer service. It is a privilege to share in other’s dreams, and not something I take lightly. I am fortunate to send hundreds of my clients a field every year with incredible customer satisfaction. I’d love to help you plan a trip someday!

Kyle Hanson
Outdoors International Hunting Consultant

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