Deer Hunting Gear List


Here is a basic deer hunting gear list that will work well for most whitetail deer hunts. If you’re hunting out West spot-and-stalk style, you might want to look at this gear list.

NOTE: This is a sample/generic gear list. For more specific details for the time of year you are traveling to, we recommend checking with your hunting consultant, outfitter, or your destination’s local Wildlife Management Agency.


  • On late season hunts, temperatures can be very cold, therefore comfortable, warm, insulated hunting clothing is a must.
  • Dress in layers. Wool, Down, Fleece, Thinsulate, Gore-Tex, etc. are all appropriate choices, whichever is preferred.
  • Be sure to take an outer-garment of “White” Camo or Blaze Orange clothing is fine as well is the preferred color choice. Be sure to check regulations for the appropriate amount of orange for the area you’re hunting. Your outer garment can be a simple oversized sweat suit to fit over your other clothing.

Good pair of Hunting Boots – On cold weather hunts, in addition heavy insulated boots, you’ll want to also take “Boot Blankets” to keep feet warm when on stand.
❏ Gaiters
❏ Underwear (1 pair per day)
Base Layer Top and Bottom (2 – 3 pairs per week) *we suggest merino wool
Lightweight Camo Jacket
❏ Windstopper Camo Jacket
❏ Midweight Camo Jacket
❏ Lightweight Camo Vest
❏ Lightweight Camo Shirt (3 – 5 per week)
❏ Lightweight Camo Pants (1-2 pair per week)
❏ Midweight Camo Pants (1 pair per week)
Rain Gear
❏ Blaze Orange (rifle hunts) *check Regulations in the state you are hunting
❏ Lightweight Gloves
❏ Midweight Gloves
Camo Cap
❏ Camo Stocking Cap or Camo Beanie
❏ Heavy Shirt
❏ Cold Weather Pants
❏ Insulated Parka (with hood)
❏ Insulated Bibs
❏ Balaclava and/or Neck Gaiter
Wool Gloves
Insulated Waterproof Gloves
❏ Hand Muff
❏ Hand Warmer Packets
❏ Day pack
❏ Binoculars
❏ Anti-fog, lens cleaning pen and cleaning cloths
❏ Knife and sharpener
❏ Buck grunt, rattle bag


❏ Rifle (270, 280, 7mm, 30-06, 300 are all perfectly good calibers). “Flip-Open” scope caps are not necessary but nice if it starts snowing.
❏ Shells (at least one box)
❏ Scope (with rain cover)
Rifle Sling
❏ Soft Rifle Case
❏ Hard Rifle Case
❏ Gun Cleaning Kit


❏ Bow *check Regulations in the state you are hunting
❏ Arrows (at least one doz.)
❏ Broadheads *check Regulations in the state you are hunting
❏ Release *an extra release is recommended
❏ Soft Bow Case
❏ Hard Bow Case


❏ Passport (if needed)
❏ Lip Balm
❏ Towel
❏ Insect Repellent
❏ Sunscreen
❏ Moleskin for blisters
❏ Super Glue
❏ Prescription Medication
❏ WD-40
❏ Duct Tape
❏ Pain Reliever
❏ Extra Glasses and/or Contacts
❏ Quality Polarized Sunglasses
❏ Personal Toiletries
❏ Camera
❏ Video Camera and/or GoPro
❏ Extra Batteries for all Electronics

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