• This Montana hunting lodge is extremely affordable.
  • Opportunity Rate: Nearly100% opportunity for 120″plus B&C whitetails.
  • Trophy Quality: During the rifle season (last week of October through November) we concentrate on trophy whitetails in the 140″ plus B&C range.
  • Rifle Hunts: The last week of October through end of November (five weeks)
  • Archery Hunts: The last week of September and first week of October with only two hunters per hunt.  Success during the archery season is good and bugling and cow calling is very effective. Archery elk hunts are offered as 7 night/6 day, 2×1 or upgrade to 1×1.
  • Combo Hunts: Hunts can all be deer/elk combination if desired.  We’d like every bull elk to be 330″ B&C or better we run on the “any legal bull is a good bull” philosophy. Additionally, black bear tags and wolf tags can be added.
  • Difficulty: This northwest corner of Montana is heavily timbered and mountainous.  Being in good shape is a huge plus. Guests will hunt hard here and we hunt with boots on the ground all day.
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Since 1992 this outfitter has been offering some of the finest deer hunting in Montana.  This northwest corner of Montana is not typical “Big Sky Country.” The Yaak Valley is much more like the Pacific northwest and is heavily timbered, lush, and green. They like to hunt hard on foot and we like to hunt the old fashioned way. These Montana whitetail hunts have had a nearly perfect opportunity rate for 120″plus B&C whitetails.

There are no feeders or high fences here, just wilderness with lots of game and very few people or pressure. With over 100 square miles on our Kootenai National Forest concession, they are the only outfitter in the area.  They are a small operator and only run three guides per week (maximum of 6 hunters).

This is a unique Montana whitetail hunt in the mountains for big timber bucks.

You’ll be hunting big deer in big timber in some of the most spectacular and remote country in the United States. This area of Montana is remote and hunting pressure is minimal. Without exaggerating, you generally don’t see another hunter in the woods.

Northwestern Montana has a strong population of whitetails, and big bucks are plentiful.

Other parts of the state have experienced population crashes due to disease or winter kill, but Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks biologists have told us that this herd continues to grow. Whenever possible this outfitter likes to concentrate on mature bucks that are at least 4 years old.

For pricing or more information about our Montana whitetail hunts, contact us.

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