You will be hunting 15,000+ acres of creek bottoms, ridges, big hardwood flats, government CRP, natural funnels, corn and soybean fields and other assorted food plots. Hancock counties. They are fully committed to work hard to satisfy each hunter. This outfitter has always kept pressure low and quality high. Fewer hunters per-acre means lower pressure, and that results in greater success!

  • This outfitter carries a long lasting scoring minimum of 140 inches. Enough to make Pope and Young every time!
  • Depending on your weapon and time of year you can expect the hunt to last for five days if you are hunting archery early season, pre-rut, and prime rut. Firearm hunts vary from 3-4 days.
  • Your hunt will most likely occur in one of their various food plots.
  • You will be hunting 15,000+ acres of creek bottoms, ridges, big hardwood flats, government CRP, natural funnels, corn and soybean fields and other assorted food plots.
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These Illinois whitetail hunts are located in Adams, Hancock and Pike county. This region, known as the West-Central Illinois Golden Triangle is one of the top producing counties every year! The terrain is perfect for growing and harvesting mature whitetails and this outfitter has compiled large tracts of contiguous acreage in these areas, allowing for optimal management conditions for hunting and harvesting mature whitetails year after year. The main lodge is located in Mendon, Illinois (Central Adams County) about fifteen miles from Quincy. The lodge is centrally located, making it easy to go into town for your every need.

Thousands of acres on multiple farms.

The properties take place on 15,0000 acres and consist of many different tract sizes and terrains. Some blocks are multiple farms making up to 2,000 continuous acres – with most being between 400 and 600 acres. The terrain is a variety of creek bottoms, ridges, big hardwood flats, CRP fields, natural funnels and pinches, corn and soybean fields and other assorted food plots.

The properties are very strictly managed.

Hunters are required to harvest at minimum 140 inch, 3 ½ year old bucks. Having these practices in place for years has only made a good thing that much better. As a whole, the areas you will be hunting have an excellent doe-to-buck ratio (2 or 3-to-1). This outfitter has ample ground for the numbers of hunters they run, with some farms not being hunted for entire seasons.

They also take stand location very seriously.

The wind and thermals are taken into consideration on every set. The stand set ups are for stealth entry and exits. Stand location is one of the biggest keys to a successful hunt- second only to having a piece of great managed whitetail ground. All stands are set by experienced guides and their motto is “if we wouldn’t hunt it, we won’t hang it!” The stands consist of hang-on’s with climbing sticks (20′-25′); ladder stands (16′-20′); shooting houses (7′-10′); and assorted ground blinds. They also utilize over 70+ Shadowhunter Blinds to provide gun hunters with a comfortable and solid shooting setup.

Finally, trail cameras cover almost every property for the majority of the growing season giving you the chance to see a potential trophy before stepping foot in the woods.

The Hunting Lodge

Your home while hunting Illinois deer is their 10,000 square foot lodge. It has ten bedrooms with from two to four beds in each. There is also a 40 foot bar, and pool table. Along with all that are two kitchens that are available for your personal use as well! They provide a breakfast that is light and DIY. They also provide a sack lunch and a big evening dinner.






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