Outdoors International client Dan Koshiyama with a 115 pound Kodiak Island halibut.

Dan Koshiyama: DIY Kodiak Island Hunt Report

TRIP: DIY Sitka Blacktail Boat Hunt
CONSULTANT: Kyle Hanson, Outdoors International
DATE: October 22-28, 2023

We had arrived at Old Harbor and at the dock we were met by the two Captains of the two boats. The cook had coffee to warm us up. After orientation of the safety rules of the boat we put out to sea.

The scenery around Kodiak Island was breathtaking.

The whole trip the Captain put the boat in calm waters when we anchored. His knowledge of the area was impressive. The cook gave us some great meals.

When we weren’t deer hunting we were fishing or trying to duck hunt.

The fishing was very productive. We caught fish that we had never seen before. The cook and Captain informed us of what type of fishes we were catching and if they were good to eat. It was a lot of fun. Very well run outfitter.

Outfitter Evaluation

How would you rate your trip overall?

Great. They were very easy to work with. We got extended four days extra because of weather. And they were so accommodating.

How was your guide?


How was your lodging?


How was the food?


How was your outfitters communication?


How physically demanding was your trip?


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Consultant Evaluation

How would you rate your Consultant?

I have booked two hunts through Kyle at Outdoors International and both were great adventures. Things that I would do again because they were such great experiences.

Would you use Outdoors International again?


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