Spring Reflections

As I reflect on a great spring I look back at the lessons learned. First, public land turkey hunting with a bow is way more difficult than it looks, and second bear hunting with dogs was an experience I will never forget.

Let’s back up a bit and look at my 2018 turkey hunt.

I was lucky enough to draw an early season limited entry turkey tag in northern Utah.

The problem is unless you have access to private ground, turkey finding in northern Utah is not an easy task. After looking at hundreds of birds on a small private piece of ground I have been lucky enough to hunt in the past, I finally broke down and started knocking doors to try and gain access.  Lucky enough, I found a wonderful gal that was tired of turkey crap on her driveway and told me I had free range to hunt her property.

Long story short, I was able to arrow a great gobbler at 40 yards and it turned out to be a really fun hunt, those broadheads work REALLY well (and it’s hard to take a good trophy pic of a headless turkey).

Moral of the Story

Don’t give up, and a few nice words to some friendly people can go along ways. Don’t be afraid to ask for permission to hunt private ground, always be respectful, but the only harm from asking is they can say no.  Oh well move on and keep trying.

Now for black bears!

My second lucky draw of the year was my limited entry black bear hunt.

Because of the area I drew and my fall hunting schedule I knew I would only have a few weeks to hunt my black bear, so with that being said I made some phone calls and found a guy that had dogs and was willing to come chase with me.  Every day we went out was a new adventure and we were seeing bears, mostly sows and cubs but the third day we went we got on a big boar and the chase was on.

After about a nine mile stretch the dogs finally put him in a tree and we moved in to take a better look.

At 66 yards I could see him in the tree but he was on the wrong side for a shot so we moved in a little closer to get a better angle.  Well as big bears normally do, he bailed out of the tree and ran into the deepest hole imaginable.  45 minutes later and another 3/4 of a mile we could hear the dogs coming back up the draw, assuming they were following the bear,  we got to a good vantage point and hoped he would cross where we could get a shot off.

Well what happened next I could have never believed unless I was there.

We got set up on a trail and in less then a few minutes we could hear the dogs close.  Turns out the bear was walking up the exact trail we were standing on and at 17 yards still walking straight towards us! I decided he was close enough and took the shot, he piled up after a short run and the high fives began.  What a cool experience and a beautiful trophy.

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We have some of the best hunts on the market.  Every year we have clients take giant elk, beautiful mule deer, caribou, antelope, and all species of bears including a 10’10” Spring Brown bear on the Alaska Peninsula just a few weeks ago.

If you or anyone you know is looking to book a hunt or just talk hunting, give us a call and we will put you on a great hunt.  It doesn’t matter if you are a bow hunter, or a rifle hunter we have hunts available  for both and hunts that are cheaper than you might think.  We offer DIY hunts for moose, caribou, elk, and deer, and  keep in mind I have access to over 16.5 million acres of private ground and every species out there so it may be worth looking at a 5 year plan to start checking critters off your bucket list.

Life’s short, hunt hard.
Chris Bowen

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