Black bear hunting

Where to Hunt Black Bears

Choosing where to hunt black bears go can be daunting, but there are some places that stand out. Which area you choose to hunt black bears, depends mostly on how you want to hunt.

  • In some states and provinces, bears are hunted over bait with the hunter in a tree stand or blind.
  • Some states allow bear hunting with dogs, and don’t knock it ’till you try it. Hunting behind hounds can be an exhilarating experience.
  • In other regions, drives are a traditional and successful method.
  • Or try your hand at a spot-and-stalk hunt in places with higher bear densities. In western regions, black bear hunts are typically spot-and-stalk.
  • Calling can also be effective.
  • You also need to also consider if you want a classic black coloration, or a color phase bear.
  • Is trophy size important to you? If so, you need to hunt where big bears live.

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Where to Hunt Black Bears

Let’s go over some of our favorite places to go black bear hunting.

Black bear hunting in Alaska


When choosing where to hunt black bears, the first thing to look at is the overall population. An estimated 100,000 black bears inhabit Alaska. Statewide, the annual harvest increased steadily between 2003 and 2007, from about 2,500 to 3,250 bears.

On an Alaska black bear hunt, color can vary from jet black to white. Another cool thing about Alaska is that you can combo a baited black bear hunt with other big game species, including brown bears.

  • Alaska offers the opportunity to take multiple bears on one hunt.
  • Great coastal spot-and-stalk opportunities.
  • Big bear potential.
  • Combo with brown bears over bait!
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The hunting territory is exclusive to the outfitter. Residents do not have access to hunt.


Since Alberta has a two-bear limit, it’s a great destination for your hunt. Another great thing about Alberta that’s great, is that there are a good number of color-phase bears. In fact, our hunters average 25% on colored bears ranging from blonde to cinnamon or chocolate.

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White Mountain Apache Reservation Bear Hunts


Very few hunters realize that the black bear hunting in Arizona is VERY good. With a great population of record book size black bears, it is a good place to hunt. When black bear hunting Arizona, keep in mind that the bears tend to run slightly smaller in body size than their northern counterparts but what they may lack in body they make up for with skull size.

  • Spring and Fall seasons.
  • Lots of color phase bears.
  • Unique place to hunt bears while they’re feeding on prickly pears in the desert flats.
  • Spot-and-stalk only.
  • Our hunt on the White Mountain Apache Reservations DOES allow hunting with dogs and over bait.
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Travis Browne and Russ Meyer British Columbia Black Bear Hunting

British Columbia

Coastal British Columbia arguably has the largest population of black bears per square mile in North America. The mild climate provides the bears with a very long feeding season starting early in the spring and ending late in the fall on the salmon spawning rivers. With abundant food and low hunting pressure, it’s easy to see why coastal bears grow to such a large size.

  • Highest population density in North America.
  • Good numbers of trophy boars.
  • Great place to do a spot-and-stalk hunt in the spring.
  • Coastal hunting opportunities.
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Beautiful blonde bear


Idaho has a healthy population of black bears, with most of them being color phase. This state also has generous spring and fall seasons and hunters can hunt bears over bait, with hounds, or spot-and-stalk.

  • High numbers of color phase bears.
  • Spring and Fall hunting seasons.
  • Bear hunting with dogs is legal in Idaho.
  • Baiting is legal.
  • Some two-bear units.
  • Nonresident deer and elk tags may also be used to harvest a black bear or mountain lion.
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This Saskatchewan Hunting Lodge truly offers you a chance at a record book bear!


If you’re looking for an exceptional spring black bear hunt with the potential for the bear of a lifetime, Saskatchewan should be considered. This province offers a true chance for a book bear, and is affordable when compared to other bear hunts of a similar caliber.

  • High population densities.
  • Good numbers of trophy sized bears.
  • Spring hunts over bait.
  • Affordable when compared to other areas.
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Bear hunting Washington provides some of the best opportunity for trophy bear hunting in the country.


Bear hunting Washington provides some of the best opportunity for trophy bear hunting in the country. The use of hounds or bait have been illegal for years now, and these bears have gone unpressured and get big!

  • High densities.
  • Low hunting pressure.
  • Fall spot-and-stalk hunting only.
  • No baiting or hound hunting allowed.
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