Wade with his Wyoming mountain lion

Wyoming Mountain Lion Hunt Report by Wade Zuver

HUNTER: Wade Zuver HUNT: Wyoming Mountain Lion Hunt CONSULTANT: Kyle Hanson January 9-13, 2023 My Wyoming mountain lion hunt was absolutely top notch. The outfitter is a fantastic man and incredibly hard working and knowledgeable, there is no doubt he will do everything within his power to make peoples hunts successful and enjoyable. I plan […]

aho Mountain Lion Hunt Report by Bryan Clendenen

Idaho Mountain Lion Hunt Report by Bryan Clendenen

Hunter: Bryan Clendenen Hunt Taken: Idaho Mountain Lion Hunt Hunting Consultant: Austin Legg, Outdoors International December 4, 2022 We hunted in Idaho for mountain lion, wolf and bobcat as potential bonus. Outfitter was knowledgeable of the area and the hounds men/guides were excellent. Two of us went on the hunt. We got our first lion […]

Mountain lion hunting in Idaho

Idaho Mountain Lion Hunt Report by Mary Sue Moore

Hunter: Mary Sue Moore Date: December, 2021 Trip Taken: Mountain lion hunt in Idaho Consultant: Gary Colbath | Outdoors International First of all I would like to thank Outdoors International for finding the hunt of a lifetime for me. Gary is awesome, he always finds what we are looking for. He always takes time to […]

Leopard Hunting

Leopard Hunting: Stack the Odds in Your Favor

Only a few hunters have experienced the adrenaline of leopard hunting, and only the hunters that persevere are rewarded with the trophy of a lifetime. Any mature male should be considered a trophy, because leopard hunting is a very difficult endeavor. Stack the odds in your favor by hunting with a top-notch PH. Despite their […]