Over The Counter Hunts in Arizona

Russ Meyer Archery Mule Deer Arizona

Many hunters don’t realize that Arizona hunts aren’t all limited entry and hard to draw. There are some good over-the-counter hunting tags in Arizona, and you can make plans to experience Arizona’s great hunting much sooner than you think by taking advantage of them.

Over-the-Counter Archery Deer Hunts

Late Season

Arizona has a long archery deer season that runs mid-December through January. This hunt is over the counter and you can hunt trophy mule deer and Arizona coues deer bucks in the late season during the peak of the rut.

Early Season

Everybody dreams about the Arizona Strip or the Kaibab, but Arizona also has some awesome over the counter archery hunts for early season mule deer and Coues deer bucks.

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Several of the top Boone and Crockett black bears have come off the White Mountain Reservation

OTC Black Bear Hunts in Arizona

If you are looking for a different kind of black bear hunt, you should hunt “Bears in the Pears.” They’re available over the counter for the prime fall hunts where you will be spot and stalk hunting big trophy boars in the desert. It is a very cool hunt. Unit 5B should be on your short list.

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Dry Ground Mountain Lion Hunting in Arizona

OTC Mountain Lion Hunt

Arizona mountain lion tags are also available over the counter as well! In Arizona, they hunt mountain lions different as well. You will most likely be horseback with some VERY well trained hounds casting for scent on the dry ground. Once a track is hit, the race is on and you will see some of the best hunting dogs in the world do their thing. You should consider Unit 22 or Unit 12A (The Kaibab).

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Russ Meyer Arizona Archery Elk Hunting

Elk Hunting in Arizona is by Draw Only

However, here are our picks for the best elk units in Arizona to apply for.

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Here are some hunts that you might like:

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