Unit 5B North Arizona

Arizona elk hunting

Elk Hunting in Unit 5B North Arizona

Unit 5B North, near Flagstaff, AZ, is right in the middle of some of the best elk hunting elk country in the world.

Most hunters apply for some of the more well known and Arizona trophy elk units such as Unit 10, Unit 9, Unit 23, Unit 8, Unit 7 West. These are all great places to hunt elk, but it’s pretty tough to draw a tag unless you have a bazillion bonus points.

Every elk unit in Arizona has the potential to produce 360+ bulls. 5B North is no exception.

You also have a much higher chance of drawing an archery elk tag in Unit 5B North than in any other unit. Non residents won’t have to wait for years and years if they apply in Unit 5B North Arizona. Once you draw, get ahold of us and we will hook you up with a GREAT Outfitter.

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These are 7 day hunts, and there is both an early season and a late season.The early season is August through September, and the late season is December through January.

Mule Deer Hunting in Unit 5B North

There are some GIANT mule deer bucks in this unit but there aren’t many of them.

We suggest you apply in some other unit. Contact us for more information on where you should put in for Arizona mule deer.

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Even though baiting is illegal in Arizona, on the White Mountain Apache Reservation, they can bait.

Black Bear Hunting in Unit 5B North

Trophy black bears live in Unit 5B North, and it’s definitely a good unit to consider for black bear hunting in Arizona.

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Arizona Mountain lion hunt

Mountain Lion Hunting in Unit 5B North

Unit 5B North is an excellent unit to think about for an Arizona mountain lion hunt.

Mountain lions can be hunted by spot and stalk or varmint calling but far and away your best bet for success on a mountain lion is to hire an experienced houndsman.

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