Top elk hunting units in Arizona

The Top 5 Elk Units in Arizona

Every elk hunter worth his salt dreams of drawing an elk tag in Arizona. This is for good reason, because elk hunting in Arizona is simply incredible. No where in the United States can you harvest free ranging elk matching the caliber of Arizona bulls. The hardest part of Arizona elk hunting is beating the draw system and finding areas that consistently produce trophy bulls. Contact us to start planning.

Why Arizona elk hunting is so great:

  • Great genetics…like REALLY great.
  • All hunts are draw only, and every unit is managed for trophy elk.
  • Boone and Crockett bulls are taken yearly in Arizona.
  • If you draw, outfitted hunts are surprisingly affordable in Arizona when compared to other places that have guaranteed tags. Contact us or pricing.
  • Most units are fairly easy to hunt physically, especially when compared to some of the Northwestern states.
  • Did we mention big bulls?

Drawing an elk tag in Arizona can be difficult.

If you are a non-resident and want to draw a rut season tag for one of the premium elk units, you are in for a long wait unless you have 10 plus bonus points. If you are a resident you might be able to draw on of these tags the very first time. Apply!

There are several Arizona elk hunts that offer hunters the chance to hunt good bulls and offer great draw odds for non residents. Would you like to hunt 320 to 340 class bulls nearly every year? If so, contact us right away and we will get you set up to apply for these easier to draw Arizona elk units.

Did you draw an Arizona elk tag?!

When you finally draw that Golden Ticket, contact us and hire an outfitter! They will spend countless days scouting for your trophy bull.

The Top 5 Elk Units in Arizona

Our Picks for the Five Best Elk Hunting Units in Arizona

No where in the United States can you hunt elk matching the caliber of Arizona bulls. The hardest part of Arizona elk hunting is beating the draw system and finding areas that consistently produce trophy bulls.Where is the best elk hunting in Arizona? …what every hunter who is interested in elk hunting in Arizona wants to know.

Arizona Unit 10 bull elk
Unit 10 produces GIANT bulls every year. Especially on good moisture years.

Arizona Unit 10

Unit 10 is our #1 pick for the best unit for elk hunting in Arizona.

With incredible genetics, it produces 400 class bulls every year, even on the drought years. Besides the genetics, Unit 10 is very easy to hunt. The terrain is well suited for glassing.

Even on bad rut years, when the elk aren’t bugling, you can always glass up a bull in Unit 10. This unit also offers one of the best late hunts in Arizona.

Contact us quickly if you’ve drawn a tag in Unit 10.

Arizona Unit 9

Unit 9 is our second choice unit for elk hunting in Arizona only because it is harder to hunt.

The genetics are just as good or even better than in Unit 10. Much of Unit 9 is thick and flat which makes glassing impossible (the late hunt is very tough). On a good rut year you should have some incredible hunting in Unit 9. If the elk aren’t vocal… you will be disappointed.

When you draw this tag, get in touch with us.

Arizona Unit 23

You can’t go wrong with Unit 23.

While Unit 23 may not always produce giant bulls in the numbers that Unit 9 and 10 do, hunters can’t go wrong by applying for an elk tag in unit 23. With great genetics it usually has great rutting activity which makes for a very fun and enjoyable hunt. The late season hunt in Unit 23 is also one of the best late elk hunts in Arizona.

Did you draw? Lucky you! Contact us for pricing.

Arizona Unit 8 elk
Unit 8 is a great late season choice.

Arizona Unit 8

Unit 8 boasts the current P&Y non-typical elk at a whopping 444″ P&Y net!

Add to that, the SCI world record non-typical archery elk, scoring a CRAZY 460″+ SCI also came from unit 8. Our Arizona elk hunting outfitter has had clients take bulls in this unit that scored 424″ B&C and 435″ B&C!!!… so why isn’t unit 8 our number one pick for elk hunting in Arizona you ask? Well, it can be tough. It’s a popular recreation area and there is a lot of pressure from campers, hikers, off-road vehicles, etc. This is a good choice for a late season hunt.

If you drew in Unit 8, we can help.

Arizona Unit 7 West

Arizona Unit 7 West is number 5 on our list, but you can’t go wrong here.

Good genetics, high elk numbers, and glassable terrain make it a great choice. Unit 7 West held the 400″ Pope and Young world record typical bull for many years. This unit can be amazing, and once you draw a tag, let us know so we can help.

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