The Arizona Strip

The Arizona Strip hunting units 13A and 13B produce giant mule deer every year, year after year. It has the genetics AND the trophy management strategies in place to ensure that this track record continues. Mule deer bucks over 200 inches Boone and Crockett are taken EVERY year on The Strip, but hunters usually have to wait a decade or longer to hunt here. The success rate in the draw is 1%, so don’t gamble your success on hoping to get lucky. Hire a good outfitter if you draw this tag!

Arizona Hunting Unit 13B

Unit 13B has a long history of producing giant bucks.

Unit 13B on the Arizona Strip is our number 1 top pick for the best mule deer hunting unit in Arizona, maybe even the world.

  • The first season in Unit 13B is an archery mule deer hunt starting in mid-August. If you want to take a monster muley with your bow, apply for this tag as your first choice (success rate for drawing the archery tag is about 20%).
  • The second Unit 13B mule deer hunt the rifle hunt that starts in early-November. The Unit 13B rifle hunt is the premier mule deer hunt in Arizona. This hunt can be a rut hunt depending on the weather and rainfall.

Arizona Hunting Unit 13A

Unit 13A, on the Eastern side of the AZ Strip can be tougher to hunt than unit 13B but the quality of the mule deer that are found here is phenomenal.

Unit 13A also has an early season archery hunt and a November rifle hunt. The rifle hunt is a little bit later than 13B, so it has better rut dates. Unit 13A should be your second choice when applying for Arizona mule deer.

If waiting on the draw is making you crazy, and you want to hunt big muleys in the meantime, consider an OTC archery tag, or check out our mule deer outfitter directory, and then get in touch with us.

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