• Hunting season is December through February 15th.
  • Over-the-counter tags.
  • Hunt on private land and/or public land depending on where you find tracks.
  • Excellent quality, mature toms are the norm.
  • Very high success rate.
  • 5 day hunts fully furnished with lodging and meals.
  • Each Colorado mountain lion hunting camp is fully furnished with quality bedding and bath amenities. The staff works hard to ensure a very clean and friendly, comfortable environment for everyone.
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The Colorado mountain lion hunting season start in December and go through February 15th. Weather conditions play a huge factor in these hunts; therefore this outfitter offers only 10 limited mountain lion hunts each year. They hunt on nearly 200,000 acres of  private land and vast swaths of BLM ground. Their conservative outlook has paid off and our hunters have had near perfect success.

You'll be mountain lion hunting in Colorado with one of the best houndsmen in the business.
You’ll be hunting with one of the best houndsmen in the business.

The Hounds are the Star of the Show

You’ll hunt with a large string of professionally trained well-bred hound dogs. These purebred hounds have bloodlines dating back to Van Johnson, Jeff Allen, Dale Cameron, and the one and only David Hill.

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