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Moose Hunting Guides and Outfitters

As Hunting Consultants, we’re often in conversation with hunters looking to go moose hunting for [...]

HUNT REPORT: Utah Shiras Moose | Kayla Redmon

HUNTER: Kayla Redmon HUNT: Shiras Moose Hunt in Utah October 16-21, 2022 The hunting lodge [...]

Utah Archery Elk Hunt Report by Clay Johnson

HUNT REPORT Hunter: Clay Johnson Date: Sept 18-22, 2022 Trip Taken: Utah Archery Elk Hunt [...]

How to Draw a Mountain Goat Tag

If you're wondering how to draw a mountain goat tag, there are a few things [...]

Where to Hunt Mountain Goat

With around 100,000 total mountain goats in North America, figuring out where to hunt mountain [...]

Rocky Mountain Bighorn Facts

Looking for the Grand Slam? Here are a few facts about the Rocky Mountain Bighorn [...]

Subspecies of Elk

Of the six subspecies of elk in North America, the three with hunt-able populations classified [...]

Black Bear Hunting Guides and Outfitters

American black bears (Ursus americanus) evolved from bears that traveled from Asia to North America [...]

Shiras Moose Hunts

The Shiras moose subspecies has the smallest body and antlers of any North American moose. [...]

Utah Conservation Permits

The Utah Conservation Permit Program provides hunting permits to conservation organizations to be auctioned at [...]