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How to Get Guaranteed Tags in Hard-to-Draw Units

One advantage to booking a fully guided hunt is that it often assures you guaranteed tags in hard-to-draw units! This is because outfitters typically have a certain number of tags allocated to them.

Let’s first clarify one important point in this article. I’m speaking to hunters looking to go on an outfitted hunt, not DIY. If this included the option of DIY hunts, my opinion would change. Also, my suggestions are the most cost effective. I will not discuss Landowner tags, Vouchers, auction tags, Conservation Permits, or Governors tags as often they can go for 10’s and even 100’s of thousands of dollars. *For the hunters who can afford this strategy we can be helpful.

AJ Kissel with 200 Inch Utah Archery Mule Deer
OUTDOORS INTERNATIONAL has booked AJ Kissel on MANY great hunts in limited entry units. But since he booked with us, he was able to skip the draw.

Planning in advance is essential!

Hoping to draw isn’t a good strategy.

It’s much easier, and not that much more expensive to work with an outfitter who offers guaranteed tags (usually about $100-$2,500 more because of the tag cost). Now we can help you plan in advance and get’r done!

States that Offer Guaranteed Tags

A few of the states that offer guaranteed tags, plus hunting on killer ground are New Mexico, Idaho, Colorado and Utah.

  • You can purchase tags directly from landowners in Utah, Colorado and New Mexico.
  • Idaho the outfitters receive “outfitter allocated tags” and to get one you have to book a guided hunt. Tags in Idaho are ILLEGAL (as of now) to sell or buy.
  • Utah recently implemented their tax deductible Conservation Tag Program.

Building Points

The points needed to draw are often creeping by a point every year.

It’s a running horse that many will not catch. I think, long term, your better off applying in state that isn’t doing the points system. Your chance to draw sooner is more likely because of lack of participation. The only time we recommend clients to participate in the points system is when a unit only takes a few points to draw (this is common in Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico).

Well, there you have it. Let us know if we can be helpful in your quest to hunt “exclusive” ground for elk and deer. With enough advanced notice (often 1-2 years) you can have a guaranteed hunt for a reasonable price in the top end areas of the west.

OUTDOORS INTERNATIONAL can help you skip the draws and book the hunt of a lifetime.

As consultants for OUTDOORS INTERNATIONAL, we deal with hunters who are planning for the hunt of a lifetime on a daily basis. This is what we do 24 and 7. In helping clients hunt in exclusive areas, with top end trophy quality, I’m talking 185-200+ muleys and 330-350+ elk.

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