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  • Fully guided South Dakota bison hunt on 7,000-plus acres – 3 1/2 square miles of untamed plains of ranchland.
  • This DOES NOT feel like a fenced hunt!
  • Trophy bulls are available. The largest bull that has been taken at the ranch weighed over 2,100 lbs. , younger trophy bulls weigh 1,200-1,500 lbs., cows 2 to 4 yrs of age weigh 900- 1,100 lbs.
  • You can hunt bison with your bow, a muzzleloader, pistol or a rifle.
  • You keep hide, skull and all the meat.
  • Hunting is spot-and-stalk but can upgrade to a true western horseback hunt experience.
  • Ranch house accommodations on site, or a hunting lodge that offers private lodging for various sized groups which allows you to never have to share your place with other hunters.
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This South Dakota bison hunt is a true western ranch hunt experience and a wonderful off-season chance to fill your freezer with some of the healthiest meat available. You’ll be hunting the same plains country where “Dances With Wolves” was filmed. Spend two nights on the ranch while guided to your bison on over 7,000 acres of a 4th generation working cattle ranch. How you hunt is up to you. Hunt your buffalo with a bow, black powder rifle or large caliber rifle.

You can hunt the animal of your choice ranging from a trophy bull, younger bull, meat cow or even a yearling calf.

Don’t underestimate the size and looks of a cow as they too produce large amounts of meat, a beautiful hide and a nice skull for mounting. After you have shot your bison, they will transport your animal to a processing facility nearby that specializes in bison. You keep all your buffalo meat!

This South Dakota bison hunt is typically a day hunt.

You’ll wake up, have breakfast at the ranch house, then venture into the canyons and breaks. Your guides will help you harvest the size of bison you are looking for. They’ll field dress your animal and quickly get it to the processor. The goal is for you to return home with grade A trophy.

For pricing or more information about this South Dakota bison hunt, contact us.

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1 review for South Dakota Bison Hunt

  1. Daniel Niemeier

    This is a great and simple bison hunting trip. Ideal for young hunters getting started.
    There were no surprises between us and the guide. Everything was communicated and just easy for us. The outfitter was a great host and a pleasure to spend multiple days with. We enjoyed the ranch as much as the hunt.

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