• Florida alligator hunting season is August through November. This is a great time to visit Florida.
  • If you don’t have a bow or crossbow, the alligator hunting outfitter will have gear for you to use.
  • There will be a very detailed orientation prior to your hunt so you know exactly what to do while all hell is breaking loose.
  • Success rates are nearly 100%.
  • We’ve been booking this hunt for years and our hunters rave about it.
  • This is typically a day hunt and lodging is not included.
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Florida alligator hunting may sound easy, but this is a large, prehistoric, dangerous predator. Most hunters prefer to use a bow or crossbow in hand at night on the bow of a custom alligator-hunting skiff. On a hot, pleasant night, you and your Florida alligator hunting outfitter will navigate the warm lakes and rivers of  searching for red gator eyes with a powerful flashlight. Alligators are very active at night and you will carefully look over a number of them to find that one gator you’ve been looking for. You will actually be calling alligators into range as you search.

Once you find a big alligator that you like the looks of, it’s time to slip into bow range.

Your arrow has a strong, barbed point designed to stay lodged under the skin. Attached to the tip is a braided line with a large float attached to the other end. Now get ready for a fight! You (with your guides help if needed) will fight the alligator to the side of the boat. Once it’s to the boat, you’ll harpoon it with a much heavier line. Now the fight is on! Once the gator’s controlled use a bang stick is used to finish it off.

Past clients say that their Florida alligator hunt was the most exciting hunt they have ever been on! Get more information.

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