Beat those New Mexico nonresident elk draw odds.

How to Increase Your New Mexico Nonresident Elk Draw Odds

When you dream of hunting screaming bulls in the rut, New Mexico is often at the top of the wish list. With abundant opportunity (if you know where to go), and record book caliber bulls it’s no surprise why. If it weren’t for those pesky New Mexico nonresident elk draw odds. Luckily though, we have a solution.

One overlooked aspect of New Mexico Nonresident Elk Draw Odds is the Guide Draw.

With New Mexico’s big game draw being subject to a quota system it’s more important than ever to maximize your chances wherever possible.

  • New Mexico’s draw system attempts to distribute a minimum of 84% of their licenses to residents of New Mexico.
  • The other 6% go to non-residents who have not contracted with an outfitter for their hunt.
  • As you can see that means the remaining 10% of tags are allocated to both residents and nonresidents who contract with a licensed outfitter in New Mexico.

How to Determine Your Odds

To determine your odds, first you’ll need to multiply the total number of licenses available for a particular hunt by the percentage allotted to your drawing pool (for residents-multiply by 0.84, non-residents multiply by 0.06 and guided residents and non-residents multiply by 0.10). This will tell you approximately how many licenses are available for your pool. Then you can compare the number drawn for your drawing pool with the number of licenses available for that pool in either the Drawing Odds Report or the complete report to get a rough idea of your odds.

Your odds dramatically increase when you contract with an outfitter for your New Mexico adventure.

Reach out to Outdoors International and we can line you up with some of the BEST outfitters in the state. We’ll also help you pinpoint the best unit for your wants. With vetted and quality outfitters throughout the world Outdoors International should be your first stop. We’ll help you beat those New Mexico nonresident elk draw odds!

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