OVIS World Slam – Wild Sheep of the World

Ovis World Slam

The Ovis World Slam is the taking, under fair chase and ethical circumstances, at least 12 of the world’s wild mountain sheep.

Ovis: a genus of Bovidae consisting of the domestic sheep and the majority of the wild sheep most of which inhabit the mountainous regions from western North America to western Asia and have horns that form a lateral spiral.

Ovis World Slam

All in all, to take 12 of these magnificent creatures has to be considered a lifetime achievement.

The Grand Slam of North American Sheep is naturally included, but North Americans by necessity have to travel to some of the most difficult-to-get-to parts of the world to accomplish this milestone. By the same token, it is almost imperative that those from other continents cross the oceans to get to the North American wild sheep to accomplish this feat.

  • Argali Altay; Gansu; Gobi; Hangay; Hume; Kara Tau; Karaganda; Kuruktag; Littledale; Tian Shan (Marco Polo); Matison; North China; Sair; Severtzov
  • Aoudad
  • Bighorn Sheep California; Desert; Rocky Mountain
  • Blue Sheep – Chinese; Dwarf; Helan Shan; Himalayan
  • Dall Sheep
  • Fannin Sheep
  • Hybrid Sheep
  • Kerman Sheep
  • Snow Sheep – Chukotka; Kamchatka; Kolyma; Koryak; Okhotsk; Putorana
  • Mouflon Armenian; Corsican; Cyprian; Esfahan; Konya; Laristan
  • Red Sheep
  • Tur Dagestan (Eastern); Kuban (Western); Mid-Caucasian
  • Urial Afghan; Blanford; Ladakh; Punjab

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