The North American Conservation Model worked for the American Bison. Both the Woodland and Plains subspecies are no longer endangered, and legal bison hunts now takes place in a number of states and provinces. We have several bison hunts available in many locations and multiple options.

Outdoors International offers free range bison hunting, as well as hunts on private ranches. Non-trophy meat hunts are almost always fairly limited, so don’t wait to book. We can help you choose a good, vetted outfitter with a proven track record of putting hunters on good bulls. Our service does not cost you more than booking directly with an outfitter!

Where to Hunt Bison

There aren’t many wild bison herds left, but you can find them free range in Alaska, Arizona, Montana, South Dakota, Utah, Wyoming, the Crow Reservation in Montana, Mexico and Canada.If you can’t get a tag, you can also choose to hunt your bull on one of our bison hunting ranches.

These are the only bison herds recognized by Boone and Crockett and Pope and Young.

Boone and Crockett and Pope and Young only recognize the wild herds, but Super Slam and SCI accept all bison, regardless of where you hunt them. The minimum score for a Boone and Crockett bison is 115″. The Pope and Young minimum score for a bison is 100″.


The odds of drawing a bison tag in Alaska are very low, but they have no point system, so you’ll have a random chance of drawing, just like everybody else. Be sure to do your homework prior to applying because many of the units are comprised almost completely of private land. Other units will have only fly-in access.

  • Copper River
  • Delta Junction – The Delta unit has the best access, plenty of public land, and also has the largest free range bison herd in Alaska.
  • Farewell



Arizona has the most complicated draw process of any other state, but you can accumulate more than one point per year for your bison hunt. Draw odds for the any bison tag usually run between 1% and 10% and cow hunts run between 10% and 20%.

  • House Rock Valley Herd
  • Raymond Wildlife Area (closed)
  • Arizona also offers a raffle tag and a Governor’s tag.

British Columbia

  • Pink Mountain


  • Area adjacent to Yellowstone National Park – The odds of drawing a buffalo tag in Montana are just under 1%, but there is not a point system. Montana does allow you to apply for a cow/calf tag as a second choice, but they only issue those tags if enough bison come out of Yellowstone.
  • Crow Indian Reservation – If you want to avoid having to draw a tag, you can skip that process by hunting the Crow Reservation. Great bulls are taken yearly on the reservation.

South Dakota

In addition to some great privately owned bison hunting ranches, South Dakota has a point system in place for bison tags.

  • Custer State Park – If you draw a trophy bull permit, you will be scheduled for a three-day hunt. For non-trophy meat hunts, bulls and cows, you will be scheduled for a one-day hunt. If you draw, you will be fully guided by Custer State Park employees for no extra charge.

The Northwest Territories

  • Mackenzie Bison Sanctuary

The Yukon Territory

  • Aishihik Wood Bison Herd


Utah bison tags are issued through draw, raffle tags, Governor’s tags and Commissioner tags. You can apply for either a bull or cow hunt, but be prepared…if you don’t have 20 points, your chances are under 1%.

  • Antelope Island – Davis County
  • The Henry Mountains – Garfield, Wayne, and San Juan Counties *Possibly the best free range bison hunt in North America.
  • Uintah and Ouray Indian Reservation
  • Book Cliffs


Wyoming has a random drawing for their bison tags, and you can apply for either an either-sex, or a cow/calf permit. Bull hunts (either-sex) are about 1% to 2% depending on the year, but the cow/calf hunts have better odds at 15% to 20%.

  • Area adjacent to Yellowstone National Park – Teton County

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