Kodiak Island Mountain Goat Hunt

If you’re drawn to unique, wild and rugged places, a Kodiak island mountain goat hunt is truly an experience of a lifetime!

  • Hunt private land on famed Kodiak Island.
  • 100% success to date on mature billies (but that is NOT a guarantee).
  • Trucks and 4-wheelers are used to access trails for backpacking into goat country.
  • Add Sitka blacktail or sea duck hunting for an added fee.
  • Full refund of deposit if hunter does not draw a tag.
  • Trophy goats with amazing hides are the goal.
  • Applications are due in December, so don’t wait.
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A Kodiak Island mountain goat hunt is truly an exceptional experience! Our hunts on Kodiak take place on over 100,000 acres of private land. You will access the hunting areas with trucks and ATV’s which will allow you to cover more ground in a day. Don’t let that fool you though, lots of hiking is involved as the goats will be up in the alpine. The better shape you are in the more enjoyable and successful your Alaska mountain goat hunt will be.

Glassing is the name of the game and you should see multiple herds of goats daily.  Once a good billy is located, you’ll climb into range. It’s a true mountain goat hunt, but accessible and manageable for hunters of most physical abilities. Success isn’t guaranteed, but we’ve gone 100% so far on this Kodiak Island mountain goat hunt.

This Kodiak Island mountain goat hunt is by draw only, so it’s important to contact us before you put in for the draw.

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