How to Draw a Mountain Goat Tag

If you are looking for true trophy class billies, our hunt in BC is where' it's at! And you don't need to draw a tag.

If you’re wondering how to draw a mountain goat tag, there are a few things you need to think of prior to applying. These are all things you have to consider for mountain goat hunting, because each and every piece of information and decision you make will determine how long it may take to draw, how much time, effort and money you will expend if you do draw. But, this is just trying to figure out where to apply, it may be years and years before you draw a coveted tag, what then?

How to Draw a Mountain Goat Tag

  1. First you have to decide if you just want to draw any old tag, or if you want to have a chance at a mature billy, let alone an area that may have trophy goats.
  2. Then you have to start researching states to figure out how much it’s going to cost you to play the draws, what the draw odds are for the different hunts, what the trophy potential is of the different hunts, what is the terrain like in a given area, what logistics will be required if you draw a tag, how far in is the hunt area, and on and on…
  3. Finally, is all of the hassle worth it? There are a few places that offer trophy, over the counter mountain goat tags.
  4. We can help you with an application strategy.

Once you draw your tag, get in touch with us quickly!

If you do end up getting lucky enough to draw a mountain goat tag, be sure to contact us for the best outfitters, but that’s getting harder every year. Luckily, we have over-the-counter tags available in Alaska and British Columbia, Canada with some great guides.

Hiring an outfitter is an option that should be considered…whether you drew a tag or not.

This can be just as overwhelming and nerve wracking as trying to do it on your own. You’re trading out some risks (like logistics, scouting, talking to biologists, etc) for other risks…mainly spending a good amount of your hard earned money to possibly end up on a hunt that doesn’t live up to expectations, or worse yet, that just flat sucks.

So instead of having to research hunt units, draw odds, etc, you will need to research outfitters. What kind of animals are they taking, what style of hunts do they provide (horseback, backpack, vessel based). What kind of accommodations (lodge, boat, cabins, tent, spike tent), what time of year do they hunt, what is the total cost of the hunt, what is included, what isn’t included.

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One of the best ways to find great outfitters and take a lot of the stress out of booking a great hunt is to use our consulting service. We spend tens of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours researching outfitters, vetting them, and making sure that when they book you on that hunt of a lifetime it will be just that. Let’s start planning your hunt.

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