Mozambique Cape Buffalo Hunting

  • Free range cape buffalo hunting.
  • Mozambique cape buffalo hunting are 10, 12, 14 or 16 days depending on combo options.
  • You can expect to hunt good, old, hard-bossed bulls (Dugga Boys).
  • Mozambique cape buffalo hunting will be done by finding a big bull track in a dry river bed and then tracking him sometimes for many hours.
  • The safari vehicle is sometimes used to locate tracks, but all hunting is done on foot.
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One of the few areas in Africa that still permits big game hunting, Mozambique cape buffalo hunting can be spectacular. Our Outfitter has over 50 years combined safari experience between two Professional Hunters, is Big 5 Certified for dangerous game hunting, and will ensure that your hunt is fun, exciting and safe. They pride themselves on hunting to the highest standards and ethics.

Mozambique Cape Buffalo Hunting Safaris are 16 Day Combos with Sable and Leopard; 14 Day Combos with Leopard; 12 Day Sable Combos; and 10 day Plains Game Combos.

The Sofala Province of Mozambique is truly the untouched gem of Africa. Huge swaths of great habitat that ranges from Miombo woodland to open grassland savannas and floodplains. Our PH runs a number of concessions in this province, and you will probably travel between them during your safari. Once you have taken your buffalo, there are many species of plains game to hunt. Species include many of the Tiny 10, exceptional free range nyala, Roosevelt’s sable, eland and even lion.

For pricing or more information on Mozambique cape buffalo hunting safaris, contact us.

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