• The average boar taken on this hunt squares 6 to 6 1/2 ft. Occasional bears in the 7 1/2 foot range are also harvested.
  • You’ll be hunting Alaska’s Unit 6.
  • Excellent genetics, and high population density.
  • Prince William Sound bears have exceptional coats and that’s what separates them from other black bears.
  • Prince William Sound bear hunting can be a combo with brown bear or grizzly in the spring.
  • In the fall, it can be a black bear, mountain goat combo hunt.
  • Ask us about the Military Discount.


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If you’re looking for a true quality hunt where you can take a beautiful trophy black bear, this hunt in Prince William Sound would be a great choice. Black bear hunts are one of those hunts that you can do in almost any place in North America. However, the black bears in this area have a higher quality of fur than in many other places. Mature bears in the Prince William Sound area average in size from about 6 to 6 1/2 feet. Every year though, at least one of our hunters takes a monster pushing 7 feet, and sometimes a 7 1/2 footer!

The reason these bears are so big and have such beautiful coats is because of he high quality and amount of food in the area as well as great genetics. A mature, jet black boar with a thick, beautiful coat is the goal on these Prince William Sound hunts out of Cordova, Alaska.

If this Prince William Sound black bear hunt sounds good to you, contact us today!

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