Mexico Fishing Report by Patrick Kissel

Patrick with a dorado on the fly rod.

Angler: Patrick Kissel
Date: January, 2022
Trip Taken: Mexico Offshore Fly Fishing Trip
Consultant: Outdoors International

I hadn’t had a legitimate shot at a sailfish or dorado with my fly rod in four days of bobbing around in the ocean. On this morning I saw my guide Chucho straining his eyes. I stood and looked in that direction – “a f***ing tree!” I mumbled in disbelief. I knew there would be an entire ecosystem under it.

I got to the bow of the panga and got ready.

I could see the golden shadows cruising underneath from quite a distance. First cast a small bull ate my fly and came straight my direction and under the boat then jumped on the other side before I could even come tight. He was gone. Another scan of the area I saw 2 bull dorado cruising, I flopped my big popper out – it casts like an entire wet chicken on my 12wt and luckily it landed 10 feet in front of them. Two chugs of the popper and this one was on peeling line and jumping. I gave him a couple sets with the rod and the fight was on. My excitement when we finally got him in the boat was enormous!

We were fortunate to put together a great group of anglers and friends to host down in old Mexico. We will be back!

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