Dorado Fishing

Also known as Mahi-Mahi or Dolphin, Dorado fishing is fun whatever you call them! They’re aggressive eaters, hard fighters, beautiful and incredibly good to eat.

They’ll hit almost anything.

Patrick with a dorado on the fly rod.
Fly fishing for dorado is a bit more difficult, but they will hit a fly, then get ready for a fight!

They will eat almost anything so 10-15 inch artificial lures like rubber skirts or teaser birds on trolling lures for Tuna or Wahoo will work just fine. Since they respond very well to baitfish, sardines or mackerel will make perfect natural baits.

Get ready for an exciting battle.

It is important to remember that Dorado are determined fighters, so anglers should brace themselves for a tough battle. Get ready for numerous incredible jumps, each of which is a colorful breathtaking spectacle which will be impossible to forget. Dorado are FAST, and can rip line off the real at incredible speeds.

They’re beautiful fish.

Their unique shape in combination with their almost glowing, greenish-blue golden appearance make the Dorado very appealing. Yet, as soon as the Dorado is pulled out of the water, that vibrant color very quickly drains into a watery blue.

Healthy and delicious to eat.

One of the best things about dorado fishing is that they are just so good to eat. This fish has many similarities to flavor and texture to the ever-popular tuna and swordfish. yet it contains its own unique qualities that make it among the tastiest of fish.

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