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Mexico Pelagic Fishing Report by Matt Pember

Matt Pember with a great sailfish

Angler: Matt Pember Date: January 7, 2022 Trip Taken: Mexico Offshore Fishing Lodge Consultant: Todd Osborn | Outdoors International On a lark, I booked my wife and I for this Mexico fishing trip in late 2020. I figured it would be a trip mostly for me and that Jodi would not care for the long […]

Mexico Fishing Lodge Report by Lacey Savage

Lacey with her first sailfish

Angler: Lacey Savage Date: January, 2022 Trip Taken: Mexico Sailfishing and Roosterfish Trip Consultant: Patrick Kissel | Outdoors International We booked our vacation to the fishing lodge almost a year ago so I had months of built up anticipation upon our arrival. I had never been to Mexico and I was a little bit nervous I’m not going to lie. We […]

Mexico Fishing Report by Patrick Kissel

Patrick with a dorado on the fly rod.

Angler: Patrick Kissel Date: January, 2022 Trip Taken: Mexico Offshore Fly Fishing Trip Consultant: Outdoors International I hadn’t had a legitimate shot at a sailfish or dorado with my fly rod in four days of bobbing around in the ocean. On this morning I saw my guide Chucho straining his eyes. I stood and looked […]

Mexico Fishing Trip Report by Cory Glauner

Sailfish are awesome!

Angler: Cory Glauner Date: January, 2022 Trip Taken: Ixtapa Mexico Sailfishing Lodge Consultant: Todd Osborn and Patrick Kissel | Outdoors International Tara and I have had a busy few years. Building a house, totally rebuilding this website, living with my folks because we sold our house, raising kids, covid, etc. You know, normal life. We […]

Mexico Fishing Lodge Report by Scott Turner

Angler: Scott Turner Date: January, 2022 Trip Taken: Ixtapa Mexico Sailfishing Lodge Consultant: Patrick Kissel | Outdoors International Hands down the best charter fishing I’ve ever experienced in Mexico. I caught 7 species, including Mahi Mahi, Sailfish, Roosterfish and even a large Pompano that was prepared at the lodge to perfection! And in four days […]