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Mexico Sailfish Lodge: Puerto Vicente

  • This remote section of the Costa Grande is Ranked #2 in the World for Sailfishing by Sport Fishing Magazine.
  • Productive Pelagic fishing is found only one mile off the shore from the lodge.
  • Offshore species found in these waters include: Pacific sailfish; Black marlin; dorado; Yellowfin tuna; and wahoo.
  • Inshore species found in these waters include: jacks; Spanish mackerel; roosterfish; and snook.
  • You’ll be impressed by the unspoiled beauty of the Costa Grande.


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Resting 50 nautical miles south of Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, the remote fishing village of Puerto Vicente is a hidden Mexico sailfish paradise. Tucked away from the crowds and traffic of Mexico’s booming tourist destinations.

We really liked our guides. Even though they didn’t speak any English, we were able to muster up a mix of Spanglish and Charades to ask questions, have some laughs.
Your captains have been fishing these waters their whole lives.

Offshore Fishing

You’ll be surprised to be fishing within a few miles of shore. In fact, good Pelagic fishing can be had only one mile off the shore from the lodge. This is because the Sierra Madre Mountains that run along Costa Grande extend into the ocean and then immediately drop off, creating deep waters that provide the perfect habitat for migratory trophy fish.

Despite all this great angling, you’ll probably be the only boat on the water when you fish with us. Due to the distance, the big chartered fishing vessels from Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo don’t fish here on a regular basis. And without the crowds, you’ll have a much more relaxed Mexico sailfish vacation.

If you hit it right, the roosterfishing can be spectacular.
If you hit it right, the roosterfishing can be spectacular.

Inshore Fishing

Inshore trips are great for beginners or guests who are prone to seasickness. You’ll stay in calmer waters and target less aggressive but equally impressive fish like Roosterfish, Sierra Mackerel, and Skipjack Tuna.

Don’t expect strip malls or luxury spas here.

This section of the Costa Grande, Mexico has pristine beaches, litter-free coastlines and friendly, welcoming people who aren’t caught up in the hustle of daily city life. But of course, the main attraction is the Mexico sailfish fishing.

If a Mexico sailfish trip where you don’t have to deal with a huge resort atmosphere sounds good to you, this one’s for you! Contact us today.

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10 reviews for Mexico Sailfish Lodge: Puerto Vicente

  1. Cory G.

    A super cool trip if you like to fish and don’t like to be around tons of other people at a resort. We caught sailfish, dorado, bonito and had our chances at roosterfish inshore. We really liked our guides. Even though they didn’t speak any English, we were able to muster up a mix of Spanglish and Charades to ask questions, have some laughs. If your spouse likes to fish too, take them with you. Viva Mexico!

  2. Scott Turner

    Hands down the best charter fishing I’ve ever experienced in Mexico.

  3. Patrick Kissel

    We were fortunate to put together a great group of anglers and friends to host down in old Mexico. We will be back!

  4. Lacey Savage

    I highly recommend this lodge to all my fishy and not so fishy friends out there. I can promise you, you will not be disappointed!

  5. Tashua Seaton

    As I sit in Northern Idaho looking at snow, I’m very thankful for this trip. We made many new friends and enough memories to last a lifetime! The tan is a nice bonus. Can’t wait to go back!

  6. Matt Pember

    In four days on the water, we caught 8 great sized sailfish, 6 dorados (4 of which were monsters), 3 roosterfish in the 30-50 pounds range, and a smattering of bonito and other fish. One day the reel would not stop going off – 8 fish. I’ve fished for billfish in Venezuela and Cape Verde and this was easily the best day I’ve ever had pelagic fishing. I would highly recommend this trip for couples or groups of friends, or anyone who wants to have a few good days on the water bill fishing.

  7. Hal Spears

    The trip of a lifetime! The food prepared for every meal was amazing! You get back from fishing and you have fresh homemade tortilla chips waiting, along with fresh guacamole and salsa! Everyday we were landing nice Dorado and sailfish with our group! The guides work so hard and love what they do! As a guide myself, I truly appreciated how hard they worked to get us on fish! The lodge staff was very friendly and accommodating! The lodge itself was also amazing! Patrick did an amazing job hosting this trip and organizing it. The group we went with was the most amazing group I’ve ever travelled with. This was my first time booking with outdoors international, and it will not be the last! As soon as I got home I’ve already been trying to plan another trip for this year! Thank you so much outdoors international for providing us with this opportunity! Looking forward to doing more business with you.

  8. Mark Stasz

    We had a great time in Mexico! The beds were a little uncomfortable but the amazing fishing made up for it. We are already planning our next trip.

  9. J.P.

    I only give this trip four stars because the bedrooms could be spruced up just a bit. The fishing however was incredible. The lodge is great and the staff did a wonderful job.

  10. Jennifer Mavencamp

    We had an incredible time fishing in Mexico and can’t wait to go back!

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There's a reason I keep booking this steelhead fishing trip!
Second time I’ve done this particular trip. The steelhead run was awesome! The food was even better than the first time, which is hard to imagine, and our guide is the best there is! If catching big fish is your thing I highly recommend booking through Outdoors International.
Ernie Sorenson
Mark Stasz with a great dorado.
We had an incredible time fishing in Mexico. We've already booked our next trip and can't wait to go back!
Mark Stasz
Greg Pope with a Strobel Lake rainbow trout.

I expected big trout on this trip based on all the stories I've read over the years, and I was not disappointed! I broke my own personal best rainbow trout record at least SIX times on this trip, with the biggest being a 16 pound beauty.

I will be going again soon!

Greg Pope