British Columbia Mountain Goat Hunt

If you are looking for a trophy mountain goat with an amazing coat, you need look no further than a British Columbia mountain goat hunt. British Columbia arguably has the best mountain goat hunting in the world, with roughly 50,000 goats and the most record book entries by far. A trophy billie is in reach for those who can get to them and shoot straight.

A British Columbia mountain goat hunt is where it’s at!

We have outfitters who produce multiple record book goats every year. They would harvest more record billies, but the fact is that most hunters are happy to shoot the first mature billy they get a chance at. British Columbia’s North coast along the border of Alaska is world renowned for having the highest number of trophy mountain goats in North America.

Record 10″ billies are the norm on these hunts, and our hunters consistently take goats scoring over 50″. If you are looking for true trophy class billies, this is your hunt, you will see a ton of goats and have at least a couple opportunities to harvest a World Class mountain goat.

  • British Columbia is one of the only places with guaranteed, OTC goat tags.
  • Lots of goats. It’s common to see 10-20 goats every day.
  • Fly-in, horseback, and backpack styles of hunting are all common in BC.
  • Hunts in British Columbia are almost always combo hunts. You can add either a moose, cariboublack bear, or a grizzly bear, depending on the hunt you’re on.
  • Trophy goats live in BC. In fact, it holds the current Pope and Young World Record, AND the Boone and Crockett World Record mountain goats!
  • Hunting areas will be accessed on foot, by 4×4, boats, and/or with horses.
  • These hunts are typically remote, tent camp hunts, but we do have a rare “town hunt”.
  • You will not see a goat with a better coat of hair than a BC billy.

BC mountain goat hunting seasons:

Early Season Hunts

In August through September, you can fly-in for a backpack hunt. You’ll be flown in to a remote alpine lake and stay in either wall tents with heat. From there, you’ll spike out into the surrounding areas in search of your trophy, staying in 2-person pack tents.

Regular Season Hunts

In October through November, you’ll be targeting billies as they prepare for the rut. This can be a very physical hunt. You’ll be climbing from the bottom of the mountains up to the goats…usually a one to three hour climb. This time of year, the goats will have beautiful, heavy coat.

Winter Hunts

If you’re worried about that climb, go in December through February. This time of year, the goats are near the bottom of the mountain. Hunters with physical limitations can have a good opportunity to take a trophy goat of a lifetime on these winter hunts. The current Pope and Young World Record mountain goat was taken on this winter hunt.

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