• If you’re a bowhunter looking for a moose hunt, look no further than this BC archery moose hunt!
  • Moose hunting season in British Columbia runs mid September through mid October.
    • Early season hunt: September 10th – 18th
    • Rut hunt: September 20th thru October 8th
  • All archery moose hunts are a total of 8 days.
  • Averaging 40-55″ class bulls, with the possibility of larger.
  • Calling is utilized during the rut.
  • Spot-and-Stalk, River and Road Based Hunt accessed by boat and 4×4 vehicle.
  • Black bear and Wolf included!
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If you’re a bowhunter looking for a moose hunt, look no further than this BC archery moose hunt! Although they do offer rifle hunting as well, they mainly book quality bow hunts in British Columbia for trophy grizzly bear, black bear, moose, and elk. In the early season they hunt the high mountain alpine where the moose summer to avoiding the insects.

This Fully guided British Columbia Moose combo hunt is both Affordable and Unique.

The Prince George region of British Columbia has been long known for its game rich wilderness and beautiful scenery. Located in East Central BC, our Outfitters 980 square miles of pristine wilderness of the Rockies is no exception. This hunt is both affordable and unique in that hunters can do both a lodge-based AND river float hunt! Hunters will typically spend four days hunting from the lodge and four days on the river float. The float is optional and we do have the ability to customize the trip for those wanting to spend the full eight days hunting from the lodge or the river on a wilderness adventure!

Bowhunting is this British Columbia outfitters’ specialty. And our client’s success on this BC archery moose hunt proves it.

Once the rut starts they make their way down to the lower country to chase cows. Rut hunts consist of spotting a good bull, then moving in to set up to call (cow and bull calls). Bulls will usually come in to investigate giving the hunter a close and at times very intense shot. They also sometimes use a decoy, which has proven quite effective over the years. The moose in this area of British Columbia average 40-55 inches with some bulls in the 60+ range being taken every year. Although Canada moose are not as big as their Alaskan cousins, they are still a huge animal that will get your heart pounding when they are in bow range.

Lodge Based Hunt

When hunting from the lodge, hunters should expect to wake up early to a home cooked meal prior to heading out for the morning hunt. Moose are most active during the morning and evening hours. Unless hunting dictates otherwise, hunters and guides will head back to the lodge mid day for a quick lunch prior to heading back out for the afternoon/evening. Hunters should expect to get back later every night from the field for dinner.

River Float Hunt

During the river float, hunters can expect a similar daily schedule as the lodge-based portion. However, hunters should expect to cover ground throughout the day by foot or floating the river when necessary to locate mature bulls!

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