Alaska Coastal Brown Bear Hunts

Alaska coastal brown bear hunts from a live-aboard luxury yacht along the rugged coast out of Valdez, Alaska. This unique vessel-based brown bear hunt in Alaska takes place along the rugged coast of Prince William Sound out of Valdez, Alaska. You will hunt trophy brown bears along the coast from a live aboard luxury yacht.

  • Hunting will be done from skiffs and/or the live-aboard vessel and you will stalk once a good boar has been spotted.
  • Trophy quality is very good – This area (Unit 6) has been a consistent producer of trophy brown bears squaring 8.5′ – 9.5′, with a fair number of 10’+ bears available.
  • Spring hunts are conducted in May, and focus on active bears roaming the beach that have just come out of hibernation.
  • Fall hunting is conducted in mid October, and focus on brown bears that are concentrated along active salmon streams.
  • Accommodations depend on the island being hunted, the hunt is either vessel based or conducted out of a remote cabin.
  • License and tags are over the counter.
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Brown Bear


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