Everybody wants a 400 inch bull elk, but that isn’t really a realistic expectation. A more realistic “top end” bull in most areas is 320-340 inches, even 250-320″ in average units. You can up your odds by having a great elk tag, choosing a great area, booking a high fence hunt. Free ranging bulls of 350+ caliber will cost from $15,000 to over $25,000 or more. You can find that quality on lower cost hunts, but if you want to up your odds, get ready to stroke a serious check.

We do have some very limited options for 400 inch bull elk.

We do have a few hunts that give you a realistic chance at a free ranging monster bull, but we need to do some legwork to get you on them. Or you can hunt those caliber of bulls for $7-$10,000 on a high fence place. There are some very good, big property high fence elk hunts out west. We know some properties where you are going to have a very challenging hunt to get a bull. Contact us to discuss options.

Elk Hunts Offered by Outdoors International

When you’re ready to start looking at elk hunts, let us know what you have in mind. We’ll do our best to help you find the perfect outfitter and get it booked.

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