The early Alaska deer season is a great way to start out your fall.

Alaska Deer Season

If you’re wanting to hunt Sitka blacktail deer in Alaska, you should learn about the pros and cons of each Alaska deer season. This can help you choose what type of hunt you would like to book.

Early Season – August

This is a mountain hunt, somewhat reminiscent of hunting dall sheep. The deer are high, and the bears are down on the salmon streams, so there is typically no need to worry about them.

Be ready to get your spot-and-stalk on! If you’re in a descent area, you should get multiple stalks per day, making it a great archery hunt. One great reason to hunt early is that the meat is better, and you can combo your hunt with a fishing trip! Early in the season, Sitka bucks will be orange and stand out like a sore thumb in the bright green foliage.

Mid-September to Late October

Just as deer hunting is everywhere, midseason is the toughest time to hunt blacktails. Deer aren’t concentrated up in the high country anymore, so it’s not so much like sheep hunting anymore. They’re scattered across their range, making them tough to find.

Another obstacle is the bears. This time of year they’re covering country foraging in preparation for hibernation. Weather can be obstinate this time of year as well, ranging from pleasant to zero degrees in a blizzard. That said, a good deer hunt can still be had if you hunt hard, shoot straight, and have a little luck.

The November Rut

Do you want to have some fun? Then hunt Sitka blacktails during the rut! It usually begins by the first of November, and peaks mid-month.This time of year, the action is fast, and you should get multiple opportunities at trophy-sized bucks. Sitka bucks come in easily to calling and light rattling. A whitetail grunt call that is adjusted to not be quite so deep and raspy works well. Another good thing about this time of year is that they’re very distracted and easier to stalk.

Weather can be inclement at best, but gear up properly and you’ll be fine. Also, you’ll need to keep a watch out for bears…always the bears. Take bear spray with you!

Late Season

This is the easiest time to hunt them, and lots of hunter cruise the shorelines in boats looking for shooter bucks. Keep in mind that bucks start dropping their antlers on December 10, so hunt the first few weeks. Also, the bears should be sleeping, so that’s good. In December, the deer are concentrated down near the beaches eating kelp.

Sitka Blacktail Deer Hunts

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