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British Columbia Moose Hunts

These moose hunts in British Columbia are both affordable and unique because you can hunt from a lodge and do a river float all in the same hunt!

  • If you’re a bowhunter looking for a moose hunt, look no further than this BC archery moose hunt!
  • Moose hunting season in British Columbia runs mid September through mid October.
  • Bulls average 40-55 inches, with the possibility of larger.
  • Black bear and Wolf included!
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On our British Columbia moose hunts, you’ll typically be hunting bulls that range in size from 40 to 55 inches. However, on our Northern BC moose hunts it’s not uncommon to encounter massive bulls with antlers exceeding 60 inches. While the bulls on most moose hunts in British Columbia may not be quite as large as the Northern BC bulls, or the bulls found in Alaska or the Yukon, they are still massive animals that can send a rush of excitement through any hunter when they get up close.

British Columbia moose hunts

Which BC hunt we suggest to you depends on your budget, physical fitness level and trophy quality expectations.

  1. The first option is our trophy moose hunt in Northern British Columbia. Our Northern BC moose hunts easily compete with the Yukon for trophy Canadian moose, and these bulls even rival Alaska! In fact, if you’re going to spend the money on a trophy moose hunt, this is our first choice! Your chances at a record book moose are more likely on these British Columbia guided moose hunts here than any other region.
  2. Our second option is a great, lakeside cabin-based hunt. This outfitter offers a great fall moose hunt that you can combo with black bear. We have been working with this outfitter for years and if you are looking for big Canadian moose and black bears at a reasonable price then this is the one.
  3. Last but not least is a hunt in the Prince George area. The only problem with this hunt is availability.

Western Canada moose hunts in British Columbia

The Prince George region of British Columbia has been long known for its game rich wilderness and beautiful scenery. Located in East Central BC, our Outfitters 980 square miles of pristine wilderness of the Rockies is no exception. Hunting in the “wet side” of the Rockies, characterized by a high annual rainfall, offers a unique and exciting experience, especially for moose hunting. The lush undergrowth, abundant food sources, and swamps create an ideal habitat for moose.

This hunt is both affordable and unique in that it is cabin based.

Depending on the hunt you choose, you could choose to spend four days hunting from the lodge and four days on a river float. The float is optional and we do have the ability to customize the trip for those wanting to spend the full eight days hunting from the lodge or the river on a wilderness adventure!

  • When hunting from the lodge, hunters should expect to wake up early to a home cooked meal prior to heading out for the morning hunt. Moose are most active during the morning and evening hours. Unless hunting dictates otherwise, hunters and guides will head back to the lodge mid day for a quick lunch prior to heading back out for the afternoon/evening. Hunters should expect to get back later every night from the field for dinner.
  • During the river float, hunters can expect a similar daily schedule as the lodge-based portion. However, hunters should expect to cover ground throughout the day by foot or floating the river when necessary to locate mature bulls!


In the early season, moose can be found in the high mountain alpine areas, where they spend their summers to escape the insect pests. This is a great time to glass for big bulls as they graze and enjoy the cooler, bug-free environment. Once a nice bull is spotted, you and your guide will plan a stalk.


As the rut begins, bulls move down to the valleys to look for the cows. The hunting strategy often involves spotting a bull and stalking him, or carefully moving into a likely area to set up for calling. Both cow and bull calls are used to attract the bull’s attention. When the bull hears the calls, it may come to investigate, providing the hunter with a close and often intense shot opportunity. Using calls can be an effective way to lure the moose closer. Adding a decoy to your hunting strategy has proven effective. It can further pique the bull’s interest and make it more likely to approach, offering an even better shot opportunity.


Your hunting adventure in this area can be even more diverse by combining moose hunting with other game such as elk and black bear. This adds an extra layer of excitement and variety to your outdoor experience. Our combo British Columbia moose hunts are both affordable and unique.


If you’re a bowhunter looking for a moose hunt, look no further than this BC archery moose hunt!

Although this outfitter does also offer offer rifle hunts, they offer the best guided archery moose hunts that we know of. Not only in British Columbia, but anywhere. Bowhunting is this British Columbia outfitters’ specialty, and our client’s success on this BC archery moose hunt proves it. Although Canada moose are not as big as their Alaskan cousins, they are still a huge animal that will get your heart pounding when they are in bow range.

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Moose Hunts in British Columbia

Ready to embark on the moose hunting adventure of a lifetime? Secure your spot now and experience the wilderness, the challenge, and the beauty of British Columbia. Spots are limited on these spectacular hunts, so don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity.


Here at Outdoors International, we pride ourselves on having a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable consultants. They are passionate about ensuring your hunting experience surpasses all expectations. We understand the importance of meticulous planning and seamless logistics for a successful hunt.

Book one of our moose hunts in British Columbia today and get ready to experience the untamed beauty of British Columbia. The Outdoors International team is here to make your adventure safe, memorable, and absolutely exhilarating.

3 reviews for British Columbia Moose Hunts

  1. James Eaves

    Overall this moose hunt met all expectations and even more. I can’t say enough good about my guide and the whole operation these guys have. They are down to earth and just a bunch of guys who love hunting. Great experience start to finish. BTW, there are lots of bears!

  2. Mitchell Bushman

    I thought everything was wonderful. the service, and the quality of animals was tremendous.

  3. Mike Collis

    They all tried very hard and the moose, black bear combo hunt was perfect. Our lakeside cabin was clean and warm, the food was excellent and we always seem to have a pot of good coffee brewing,. We even had a hot water shower every night.

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My hunt was absolutely top notch.

The outfitter is a fantastic man and incredibly hard working and knowledgeable, there is no doubt he will do everything within his power to make peoples hunts successful and enjoyable. I plan to do it again with him next year for sure.

Wade Zuver

Our hunt was excellent.

We saw bucks every day along with all other sorts of wildlife. Mountain goats, bears, and foxes were common sights. Fishing and crabbing was special bonus. The food was excellent, the crew was amazing. Outdoors International did a great job of finding exactly what we were looking for.

Jesse Neveau

What an amazing experience!

The hunting lodge was out of this world!, Rooms, food and the scenery were all A+. Our guide was exceptional and had us on Shiras moose all five days. We saw over 30 total with at least 10 bulls. They had a plan for everything including taxidermy and game processing.

Kayla Redmon