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  • This is still a backpack hunt, but you will fly into elevation and be staying in wall tents with stoves and real food.
  • Your Alaska hunting license and mountain goat tags are over-the-counter. These are registration areas for goat hunts, so permits can and will be done online when your guide picks you up.
  • Our hunters have high success on big mountain goats. It is common to see 10-20 goats per day.
  • If the weather cooperates and you are in decent shape, you will have an opportunity. Goats average 8.5 to 10.5 inches, with some record book billies.
  • These goats have hair quality that is unsurpassed anywhere in the country!
  • These are trophy mountain goat hunts and Boone and Crockett billies are taken almost every year.
  • Bowhunters are welcome! Our clients taken multiple Pope and Young mountain goats on these Alaska hunts in the Prince William Sound area.
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On a Southern Alaska mountain goat hunt, you WILL see goats. These coastal mountains aren’t just beautiful…Trophy quality mountain goats are plentiful. Amazingly our hunting areas don’t get much hunting pressure, so you won’t be seeing other hunters while you are in the field. In fact, we have areas where you’ll be hunting mountain goats that have never seen a human…and in this day and age that’s pretty cool! Because of that, trophy quality is excellent.

Starting at the same level of the goats gives you a huge advantage!

This is set up to be an “easy” mountain goat hunt, but does have the potential to be a fairly physical hunt, depending on the situation.

This is a backpack hunt, but you will fly into elevation and be staying in wall tents with stoves and real food.
Our fly-in hunt is a backpack hunt, but you will be camping up where the goats live, staying in wall tents with stoves and real food.

On our Southern Alaska mountain goat hunt, you’ll fly in to the same elevation as the goats live and hunt from there. This is an absolute game changer!

On most goat hunts, you camp in the lower country, glassing up until you find your target billy…then the work begins. On this hunt, you shouldn’t have to do that big climb.

High Trophy Quality

They target older, mature billy’s with horns averaging between 9 and 10 inches, and they have an incredible success rate of 95-100% depending on the year. Hunting season is September through January, but the hair on mountain goats is what makes the trophy in most people’s’ opinions, so we suggest you hunt between October and the end of January.

As long as you’re in decent shape, you can do this mountain goat hunt!

They haven’t made any exercise equipment that will prepare you for the real thing, but the harder you work to get yourself in shape before the hunt the better and easier it will be for you. That said, this is a mountain goat hunt that almost anyone can do.

Do yourself a favor and get in shape prior to your hunt. You won’t regret it. We promise.

Spots are limited, so contact us quickly if you’re interested in a hunt.

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  1. Tom Farrell

    I truly hope everyone may have the opportunity to visit Alaska and taste mountain goat backstrap (sauteed in butter, with a little Himalayan sea salt) in their lifetime.

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