You can catch tarpon in many areas in Costa Rica and some of the most common areas where you could find this fish are the waterways, streams, and freshwater tidal ponds of San Juan or Cano Negro Rivers. Los Suenos fishing and Quepos fishing can be very good for tarpon as well. Some say that the best tarpon fishing in Costa Rica is Tortuguero in March through June and October through November yet they’re gotten each month.

Bow to the King

Also known as Silver-Kings, tarpon can grow up to 8 feet long and weigh around 300 pounds! They aren’t good eating, and fishing is catch and release. Their capacity for battle put them at the height of many anglers’ fishing list.

Sight Fishing for Tarpon

Tarpon are air breathers and need to rise on the top of the water for breathing regularly, making them perfect for sight fishing. Inconceivably versatile, they are found in both saltwater and freshwater, in tidal pools, freshwater tidal ponds, springs, and streams. They are a big part of the sports fishing culture in Costa Rica.

Tarpon in Costa Rica are normally found up the San Juan River that fringes Nicaragua and swim the distance to Lake Nicaragua.

At specific circumstances of the year, the remote, little Cano Negro tidal pond is loaded with gigantic tarpon. The whole Tortuguero district is known for tarpon fishing: Barra Del Colorado, Parismina, and Tortuguero are world popular and have numerous magnificent fishing lodges, incredible vessels, and a portion of the best aides in the business.

Fishing the Backwaters of Costa Rica

Fishing in the adjacent backwaters and tidal ponds is fantastic, particularly when the fat snook (calba) is running. From September through November (in some cases include a month either end), these little snooks swarm the Río Colorado region.

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