Episode #18 – Long Range Shooting Courses

Long Range Shooting Courses

Cory Glauner recently recorded a podcast with the crew from Sawtooth Rifles. If you’re interested in learning more about long range shooting, whether you’re a novice or an experienced shooter, you should give it a listen. If you would like to attend one of their shooting courses, you can see them below. Enjoy.

Shooting Courses Offered by Sawtooth Rifles

Long Range Shooting Course for Hunters

Extended Range Course for Hunters

Q Creek Ranch in Mills, Wyoming

This course give will shooters a detailed understanding of how to extend their range of engagement (600-1600 yards). The training will start out with your setup and basic rifleman tasks, this course will move quickly to advanced ballistics, reading wind, ballistic curves, and other tactics. The course is very hands on and allows for rifleman to receive a brief discussion and then go out and put those things to work. You will also cover the ethics of shooting game at long distances as you learn how you can personally handle long range shots. The third day of shooting you will combine previously learned skills at the steel safari course where you will be using different glassing techniques and form a solution to how you will engage your target. Before the shot the rifleman will build up his individual position. All targets will replicate shots taken on a big game animals. This course will give a rifleman greater confidence in his or her long range shooting.

It is recommended that a rifleman have a basic understanding of long range shooting before taking this course (Sawtooth Rifles Long Range Basics Hunters Clinic or equivalent experience). This course also requires the use of optics that can reach 1600 yards. Rifles that could be considered are, a 6.5 Creedmoor, 7mm Rem Mag, or .300 Win Mag that has the right bullet may work at their range. Anything of a smaller caliber would be insufficient for this course.

Learn how to extend your range with your rifle from the guys at Sawtooth Rifles.

Long Range Hunters Clinic

Rock Lake Rifle Range in St. John, Washington

This introductory long range shooting course in Washington teaches a rifleman how to properly handle shots on big game at long range. Novices will first learn about rifle setup, mechanics of shooting great distances, ballistic calculations, how to read the wind properly, tactics on field deployment. The rifleman will also learn ethics of shooting big game at long distances. As you go through this course you will learn what you can handle comfortably while making excellent shots. As this course focuses on long distances you will gain a greater confidence at distances you would usually hunt at. The last day of your class will include a three mile hike on the steel safari course where you will learn how to glass and identify targets using different techniques. Shooters will develop a solution for shooting and learn how to engage the target from a position they built. Targets and scenarios will be as if you were shooting at big game.

Sawtooth Rifles recommends that shooters be familiar with basics of precision rifle mechanic. Material will be provided before the class for you to familiarize yourself with. For this course the rifleman is required to have a rifle and optics that have the capability of reaching 1000 yards. Keep in mind that the gun you use will be expected to shoot using ballistic calculations and turret adjustment techniques learned in this class. An effective cartridge on this course could include a 6mm. 

High-Angle Hunters Clinic Sawtooth Rifles

High-Angle Hunters Clinic

High-Angle Training Site in Riggins, Idaho

This course has several unique features that make this the ultimate shooting course. Be prepared to shoot from 100-1000 yards while navigating steep slopes with difficult angles that you often find in the western high country. This High Angle Course begins with the set up of the rifle and the mechanics of shooting long range. After that you move into the techniques of shooting up and down steep slopes. The ethics of shooting big game in these situations will also be discussed. Through these situations the rifleman will learn at what distances they are able to perform in, in extreme country. Hitting targets at high angles at long distances will give the rifleman more confidence in more usual hunting circumstances. The third day of shooting you will test the knowledge and skills you have been acquiring and go on a steel safari course. As with the other courses targets will represent big game. However the high angle and steep terrain provide the ultimate tune up you need as a hunter.

Sawtooth rifles recommends that shooters be familiar with basics of precision rifle mechanics (Sawtooth Rifles Long Range Hunters Clinic or equivalent experience). For this course the rifleman is required to have a rifle and optics that have the capability of reaching 1000 yards. An effective cartridge on this course could include a 6mm.