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Long Range Shooting Course

Our two-part Long Range Shooting Course will instill you with the tools and confidence you need to ensure an effective shot on the animal of a lifetime.

  • Each class is geared toward hunting scenarios.
  • Learn how to shoot from prone shooting to standing with a tripod, and everything in between, so you can enter the field with confidence.
  • The two rifle shooting classes are scheduled back-to-back. You will be required to complete this Fundamentals Class first, then you can continue on to the Development Class on the same trip.
  • If you book both classes, you get a 10% discount.


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This two-part Long Range Shooting Course is designed to teach participants the skills and techniques necessary to engage targets accurately at extended distances. Make your next hunting trip a memorable one by learning valuable skills from the precision rifle shooting professionals. We offer two long-range shooting classes designed to accommodate both beginners and seasoned precision rifle hunters. No matter your level, you will leave this course with new experience and skills.

Learn how to shoot from prone shooting to standing with a tripod, and everything in between, so you can enter the field with confidence.Part 1

Fundamentals of Long Range Shooting Course

Ideal for first-time, beginners and intermediate precision rifle hunters and shooters looking to advance their abilities, the Fundamentals Class portion of our long range shooting course helps participants develop the skills, tools, and confidence they need to succeed in the field.

Taking a building blocks-style approach, the team of expert instructors will help you create a solid foundation that you can then carry on into our higher-level Development Class. No matter your experience  you will leave this long range shooting course with more experience and skills.

The curriculum of the Fundamentals Class covers a range of topics, including:

  • Rifle system setup and function
  • Optics zero, minutes and mills break down
  • Fundamentals and mechanics of precision rifle shooting
  • Cold bore data, prior and post firearm cleaning and fouling break down
  • Introduction to ballistics and atmospheric conditions, dope cards and data collection
  • Kestrel usage, breakdown and range implementation
  • Bullet and cartridge breakdown
  • Calculating atmospheric and environmental conditions
  • Internal, external and terminal ballistics
  • Chronograph data collection and ballistics truing
  • Introduction to wind reading and wind calls
  • Advancement of prone shooting positions
  • Introduction to other (hunting) shooting positions, tripod work
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Development Long Range Shooting CoursePart 2

Development Course

Designed for intermediate and advanced precision rifle hunters and shooters, the Development Class portion of our Precision Rifle Hunter Series empowers participants to take the skills they’ve acquired through the Fundamentals Class to the next level.

Geared toward real-world hunting scenarios and shooting, our Development Class will expand your existing knowledge and equip you with the tools you need to take to the field with confidence.

The curriculum of the Development Class covers:

  • Advanced rifle systems setup, function, and maintenance
  • Advanced mechanics of precision rifle shooting
  • Advanced external ballistics, atmospheric conditions, wind reading, and data collection
  • Hold overs and corrections
  • Advanced prone and tripod shooting positions
  • Proper gear selection and how to use it in the fields
  • Advanced kestrel and ballistic solution options
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This long range shooting course will include simulations of real-world hunting scenarios to challenge participants’ skills. Both courses are held on a dedicated shooting range with appropriate facilities and safety measures in place.

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  1. Kyle Hanson

    I was fortunate to be able to attend the Level 1, Fundamentals of long range shooting course this June and I am so glad that I did, I will definitely be attending the level 2 Development course next year! The course structure was very well put together over a three day period. The instructors were very professional and informative all throughout the class and I believe that everyone could take something away from the course. As a matter of fact, there were all experience levels there. Everyone from “I’ve never shot a gun before” to experienced hunters and long range shooters.

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