• These sheep hunts take place in early August.
  • Over-the-counter tags.
  • You can expect to see sheep daily.
  • Great trophy quality. Multiple rams of 38 to 42 inch range are being taken almost every year.
  • You’ll be hunting the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Wilderness in the Brooks Range. The Alaska Brooks Range is known for great sheep hunting for trophy rams with good genetics.
  • Grizzly bears and caribou can be added on a trophy fee basis.
  • This is true backpack sheep hunting in every way. Expect to hike up to ten miles daily and camp in different locations nearly every night.
  • A very limited number of float hunts are available.
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This Alaska dall sheep hunt is conducted in an exclusive use area in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Wilderness on the North, far east side (next to British Columbia) of the Brooks Range. The fly-in day will be spent scouting, and spiking in to a location to set up camp.  You will be in the field ten full days with your guide.  Take out will be the morning of the eleventh day.

A Limited Number of  Float Hunts are Available

Our float hunts add an additional level of adventure, and allow for for flexibility to hunt along 40 miles of pristine river.  Float hunts are NOT necessarily less physically demanding than other hunts.  Fantastic Arctic Char and grayling fishing are available on our float hunts and most other hunts in this area.

This is a mobile backpack hunt and you’ll be staying in tents.

Expect to hike up to ten miles daily and camp in different locations nearly every night. Camps will be simple; lightweight backpacking tents are provided (one tent per person, you don’t need to sleep next to your stinky guide).


Meals will be dinners of Mountain House Meals; lunch of cheese, crackers, bars, jerky etc; and breakfast will be oatmeal, coffee, granola, etc.

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