Dall Sheep Hunt Alaska

A Dall sheep is usually the first ram hunters take when going for their Sheep Slam.

On a typical Alaska dall sheep hunt, you’ll be flown into your hunting area and then backpack around the area from their. To claim your ram, you’ll need to be prepared to hike mountains and difficult terrain. Because these animals live in such rugged country it’s recommended that you be in good shape for this trip.

  • Most Alaska dall sheep hunting units have over-the-counter tags.
  • Compared to other sheep species, Alaska Dall sheep hunts are relatively affordable.
  • Sheep populations are steady and increasing across their range. On a typical hunt, you can expect to see sheep daily, and our hunters average between 95 and 100% success.
  • Early August – go on your dream hunt without sacrificing your deer or elk hunts.
  • Fly-in backpack OR a limited number of float hunts are available.
  • Your lodging may include a base camp and hiking from there each day, but don’t count on it.
  • On occasion, we can add other animals to the hunt if requested in advance. Our outfitters offer hunts for trophy brown beargrizzly bearcariboumountain goatblack bear, wolves and moose.
  • Our Alaska Dall Sheep Hunts sell out every year!

We have spectacular Dall sheep hunting in some of Alaska’s the best trophy sheep areas.

You’ll remember your mountain hunting adventure for the rest of your life!…and it will likely start an addition to sheep hunting. The work is worth the reward! Let’s start planning.

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