Asian 8 Award

Asia 8 SCI Continental Award

Required 8 species taken from their native habitat. Rifle & Bow requirements are the same. 

Brown bear

Brown Bear Subspecies

There are currently eight different brown bear subspecies that are recognized by Safari Club International. The bears of the world can be found in the most remote parts of North America, Eastern Europe, Asia and Russia. They are one of the most interesting, powerful, awe inspiring animals on earth. Brown Bear Subspecies in Europe and Asia […]


Ibex of the World: Huntable Subspecies of Ibex

Ibex hunting is a true mountain hunt, they are often referred to as the “poor man’s sheep”. Often though, an ibex hunt is more challenging than a sheep hunt.

Hunting the Antelope of the World

Hunting the Antelope of the World

Antelopes are a diverse group of typically hollow-horned, slender-built, and swift bovids native to Africa and Asia. Antelopes are generally characterized by a light, elegant figure, graceful limbs, small cloven hoofs, a short tail, and large and unbranched horns, which may be spiral-shaped.